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26 aprile 2022 ore 11:08

Destination Sustainability

Training project for the 2022 Prix Italia YLAB


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Prix Italia teams up with local universities in the YLab project: since 2017, a creative laboratory engaging students in an exchange of experiences with our international experts and guests. Sustainability will be the theme of year's edition of the Prix Italia. Universities are invited to present projects on the topics of sustainable development and a new model of society, towards a greater social, environmental, economic and institutional responsibility.
The Prix Italia is pleased to invite the Universities of the Apulia Region to join in the YLab 2022 project, possibly extending the participation also to their partner universities on the other side of the Adriatic Sea.


The project.

The Prix Italia YLAB 2022 will be divided into two sections:

  • Design and presentation of a sustainable project (of engineering, social or research nature);
  • Design and presentation of a communication/media project on the topic of sustainability.


The two sections differentiate by the different curricula of participating students they are addressed to, and also by their training/production paths and by the type of outcome that will be presented during the Prix Italia festival in Bari.
Each University may submit up to three projects, for a total of 15 projects that will be presented in the final Pitching event.


Training paths.

In order to offer even more creative input and training opportunities, the Prix Italia will organize for all participating groups:

  • A webinar on the topics of Campaigning and Impact Production and How to make an efficient Pitch, with national and international guests;

and, during the Prix Italia festival:

  • a Master Class on How to make an impact with an international VIP speaker, about communicating sustainability issues in a convincing way, and how to optimize synergies between scientists and communicators;
  • thematic Master Classes and workshops with international VIP speakers, on topics such as podcasts and programmes that promote social inclusion;
  • for participants in the Pitching Session (see below), an in-person training workshop to discuss how to further optimize your presentation for the final pitch.



Final workshop and activities during the Prix Italia festival.

During the days of the Prix Italia festival in Bari, all the projects will be presented and discussed in a dedicated session, to an audience of national and international experts and representatives of local institutions.

(A) Pitching session / Project discussion
Each pitch will describe the project in a very concise and captivating way, and will consist of 10 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes of discussion with the audience.

(B) Awarding of the two best projects
The projects will be reviewed by a Jury of environmental and sustainability experts, who will award the two best proposals, one for each of the two sections of the YLAB project. The Jury may also award one or more Special Mentions.


Daily reporting during the Prix Italia festival.

During the Festival in Bari, the YLAB students will be involved in meetings and international workshops, and they will be invited to find new ways of narrating the festival in real time, and devise how to integrate student production with the activities of RAI professional journalists covering the event.


Students' Jury Special Prize.

The Prix Italia competition welcomes a Jury of students from the local universities. The Jury will review the Web projects submitted in competition, and award a Prix Italia Special Prize. The Jury proceedings will take place online, before the Prix Italia festival.



To know more about the YLAB project and the activities for students, write to prixitalia@rai.it.


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