2024 Prix Italia Festival

15 aprile 2024 ore 09:55

Loud and Clear - the Prix Italia is back to Torino


Entries are now open for the International Competition for the best productions from broadcasters around the world.

This will be a special edition, on the occasion of "Rai70/100", for the Prix Italia, the international competition that since 1948 has involved hundreds of broadcasters to award the best of Radio, TV and Digital productions in a kermesse open to the public and accessible to all.

The location has been unveiled, Torino, which returns to host the Festival after seven years in a completely renovated setting thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Torino and the Piedmont Region to showcase the area's excellence in innovation, and cultural and scientific dissemination.

"With the Prix Italia - says Alberto Cirio, the President of the Region - Torino and Piedmont add another major event to our already very rich 2024 calendar, during which this territory will confirm once again its ability to organise events of national and international relevance. Hosting the Prix Italia here means to reaffirm our central role also in the field of TV and radio productions, with particular attention to digital and new media".

"The Prix Italia is back to Torino - adds Mayor Stefano Lo Russo - after seven years and we are very happy about it. A return further enhanced by the celebration of important anniversaries: 100 years ago the Italian Radio Union, which later became Rai, come into being in our city, while 70 years ago television was born. Two media protagonists of our everyday lives that here in Torino have taken major steps, where Rai is still strongly present today with such main actors as the Production Centre and the National Symphony Orchestra".

The hub of the Prix Italia will be the RAI Production Centre, where a studio will be set up for the occasion, and live performances inside the Museum of Radio and Television, as well as several city locations of great appeal to international audiences.

The title of the edition, Loud and Clear, was chosen to celebrate the 100th anniversary of RAI, and in particular the Radio, and at the same time the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi, one of the most visionary Italian scientists of all time.

"The Prix Italia - RAI President Marinella Soldi illustrates - leads RAI's effort in its path to be sustainable, inclusive, creativity excellent and contemporary. This year's edition celebrates RAI's tradition, roots and history of 70 years of public television and 100 years of Rai Radio. What an amazing opportunity to celebrate the past while setting the vision and work for a modern public service media that is exciting and inclusive for all, and especially the new generations".

When Guglielmo Marconi, Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1909, first broadcasted the message CAN YOU HEAR ME across the Atlantic Ocean it was received unequivocally... 'Loud and Clear'.

"It paved the way for the advent of our broadcasting companies of today that, with a strong message of authority, make up the community of our competition - says Prix Italia Secretary General Chiara Longo Bifano. - From smartphones to satellites, from radio to TV to wireless connections, we owe a lot to our countryman celebrated all over the world".

Radio will be a special guest with programmes, live podcasts and experimentations to explore the future of Audio with the infinite possibilities of AI.

President of the 2024 edition is France Culture Director Emelie de Jong who, together with the Secretary General of the Prix Italia, Chiara Longo Bifano, presented the 76th edition to the more than 100 broadcasters that are part of the Prix Italia Community.

The competition is open from 12 March to 7 June: 9 categories in the radio/podcast, video and digital sections.

During the Festival, scheduled from 1 to 4 October, there will be no shortage of Rai Previews with the presence of the talents and the opportunity to meet the directors and producers of the finalist programmes, up to the Awards Ceremony on the closing evening.


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