2024 Prix Italia Competition

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All about the 2024 Prix Italia Competition

The Competition.

The Prix Italia Competition is open to all broadcaster organisations, both private and public service. If you have never competed in the Prix Italia before, you should fill out a new competitor form first (see below).

The Competition is divided into three sections: for Radio & Podcast; for Television; for Digital projects. Each section is divided into three categories, as follows:

  • Radio & Podcast: Music / Drama / Documentary and Reportage
  • TV: Performing Arts / Drama / Documentary
  • Digital: Factual / Fiction / Interactive


Number of programmes that may be submitted.

Each competing organisation may submit a maximum of one programme for each of the nine categories listed above.

Programmes must have been released no earlier than January 1, 2023 or scheduled for broadcast no later than 31 December 2025.


The Special Prizes.

In addition to the 9 categories listed above, a Special Prize is established in collaboration between Prix Italia, Ifad and Copeam, and dedicated to programmes that "demonstrate how technological innovation can improve the quality of our lives, leading to a new way of thinking and greater well-being for people and the planet, by transforming the actual food and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth for a food-secure future" (as per Regulations).

It is possible to submit one programme to this Special Prize, dealing with these topics,
- either already entered in one of the regular (TV, Radio & Podcast or Digital) categories of the competition,
- or a different programme that is not already entered in the other categories.

Finally, a Special Prize in Honour of the President of the Italian Republic will be awarded among all the programmes submitted to the 2024 Prix Italia.


Programme submission.

You may submit a programme on our online platform, if you are already registered as a Contact Person for your broadcaster (i.e., you already have an EPRIXxxx account). If you don't have an account yet, or you can't reset your password, or you need assistance, please contact prixitalia@rai.it.

The deadline for programme submission is June 7, 2024 13:00 UTC.


New competitors.

Please note: the competition is open to broadcasting organisation only (as opposite to independent producers and filmmakers), and to nationwide coverage organisations (as opposite to local stations). If you are unsure, feel free to ask prixitalia@rai.it for clarifications before filling out the entry form.

You should first fill in the Broadcaster Registration form with both your organisation basic info, and your own personal data.
In the lower part of the "Broadcaster" section, you may add the names of one or more "contacts" for your organisation: these should be Manager(s) of the relevant departments of your organisation (eg., the Head of International Relations), but they will not be assigned an account on our platform.
In the "New Contact Person" section of the form, you may fill in your own data and email. The Contact Persons will be given an account on the platform and are supposed to upload the programmes in competition. You will be able to register further Contact Persons, if needed, once you get your own account.

You will be emailed with a token to validate. After that, we will send you your access credentials (a "EPRIX###" account and a password).
From now then on you may access the main page of our platform to edit your data and upload and review your programmes in competition.

If you need assistance, please contact prixitalia@rai.it.



The Juries of the Prix Italia competition are made up of delegates from the competing organisations. Each competitor may delegate one Juror for each of the 3 main sections of the competition (Radio & Podcast; TV; Digital).
The Special Prizes' Juries are composed of experts selected by the Prix Italia.

To register a Juror, fill in our online form.

A juror can register autonomously, without the need for intervention by a Contact Person of the competing organisation. Note that you will have to upload a jpeg headshot of yourself and a short presentation (10-15 lines will do) as a pdf/doc file.
You will also need to indicate in which section of the competition (Radio & Podcast; TV; Digital) you intend to be a Juror. The exact Jury you will be placed on depends on our Jury rotation outline, so that we have a balanced composition each year.

Newly registered organisations may delegate their Jurors too. We will update the Jury outline to include the new entrants.

Make sure to read carefully our Regulations (Art. 10) to learn about the Juries' proceedings. Also, note that our General Regulations (art. 4.5) states that "if Jurors are somewhat involved in the production of a programme, they cannot be part of the Jury that is asked to vote on it".


Downloads and links.

Our Regulations:


Register and uploading your programmes on our online platform:


For more information: prixitalia@rai.it


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