Prix Italia - Ifad - Copeam Special Prize

08 settembre 2023 ore 13:10


The Jury

Claudio Cappon (COPEAM - Italy), Susan Beccio (IFAD - Italy), Roberto Natale (RAI - Italy)

The President: Claudio Cappon (COPEAM - Italy)



The Finalists

RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

Plastica Connection (Plastic Connection)

Direction: Teresa Paoli. Authors: Teresa Paoli, Paola Vecchia. Filmmaker: Fabio Colazzo. Sound Track: Rossano Baldini, Gian Luca Nigro. Editor: Daniela Mancinelli. Producer: Alessandra Bertoni.

"There is only one ecosystem, so if you contaminate one part of the world, it will definitely affect us. When we send our waste to another country, we may think that we're only polluting a distant farmland. However, the agricultural products grown there will be exported, consumed, and the plastic will end up in our bloodstream. It's a kind of trap, creating an endless cycle". An incredible trip to Turkey reveals how the Western world, including the entire European Union and Italy, is inundating the most fragile parts of the Earth with plastic waste, completely disregarding the devastating environmental pollution of which we will all bear the consequences. This devastation is a result of the overproduction of disposable plastic on the planet, which is projected to triple in the coming decades, and the inability to recycle it all.

Presented by: Maria Teresa Paoli, Author

Teresa Paoli is a journalist and a filmmaker. She has worked for the main Italian television broadcasters and she's author of several documentaries distributed in Italy and abroad. In 2005 he won the Fulbright scholarship to study in Los Angeles and in 2011 he won the Ilaria Alpi Doc award. He is a reporter for the investigative program Presa Diretta, aired in prime time on Rai3 since 2017.

The Jury: This is a journalistic investigation into a topic of great international impact: the recycling of plastics produced by European countries and exported elsewhere. The Jury particularly appreciated the thoroughness and systemic approach to such a relevant and complex issue, analyzed with great accuracy in its different aspects: environmental, social and political. The outcome is an insightful documentary, capable of sparking positive evolutions, both in terms of awareness raising and the research of new solutions.


Korea, South
MBC Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

The Water Is Coming

Reporters: Kim Minwook, Ryu HyunJun. Video Reporter: Jang Yeong Keun.

Even though many Koreans are concerned about climate change, too often, they do not come to realise it. TV is better at delivering the on-site message rather than text. Sea level rise is one of the most dangerous crises induced by climate change. In this regard, Water is Coming aims to raise awareness about rising sea levels by closely covering the scenes of sea level rise in Indonesia and South Korea.

Presented by: Kim Minwook, Main reporter and Producer of "The Water is Coming"

I've been working in the newsroom of Munhwa Broadcasting Corp., a public broadcaster in South Korea, since 2008. I specialize in covering climate change and environmental issues. I filmed and produced news videos related to the climate crisis not only in South Korea but also in Indonesia, Somalia and Greenland. I'm making efforts to show videos that can make the climate crisis feel real to Korean viewers, who think the climate crisis as a story from a distant place.


SRG SSR Société suisse de radiodiffusion et télévision

Cuore di Reef (Heart of Reef)

Direction: Flavio Stroppini. Author: Claudio Di Manao. Actor: Mirko D'Urso. Hydrophone recording: Yuri Ruspini. Editing: Thomas Chiesa. Production: Francesca Giorzi.

What does the underwater world hide? And what is the true meaning of diving? What feelings do we experience during a dive? What thoughts arise, and how do they develop as we descend deeper and deeper? Claudio Di Manao's script delves into the depths of the sea and into the depths of the human being. As we descend towards the abyss, we catch a glimpse of the diver and, simultaneously, can become him. And while exploring a new world, we uncover something of ourselves. The marine environment, vibrant in the late afternoon light, remains beautiful while heading towards dusk. The diver's eye and mind linger on the creatures of that world, on its rhythms, on its rituals. And on its changes.

Presented by: Flavio Stroppini, Director of Audio Fiction Dept., RSI

Director of Audio Fiction department of the Swiss Italian Radio and Television (RSI) for witch he has written and directed more than 300 audiofictions. Among these "Like a dog without a bone" (homage to Jim Morrison), with which he won silver place in the binaural section at the Grand Prix Nova 2022 in Bucharest. Playwright and theater director, he has written for cinema and television and he was published in poetry and prose.




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