Special Prize Juries

31 luglio 2023 ore 17:52

Prix Italia - Ifad - Copeam Special Prize


The Special Prize has been established by an agreement among RAI, IFAD and Co.Pe.A.M.
RAI, the Italian public service broadcaster, is the organiser of the Prix Italia which, since 1948, has been promoting and rewarding the best quality, innovation and creativity in the production of radio, television and multimedia programmes.
IFAD is an international financial institution and a specialised agency of the United Nations, and its mission is to transform rural economies and food systems that affect developing countries, by making them more inclusive, more productive, resilient and sustainable in the fight against hunger and poverty.
Co.Pe.A.M. is a non-profit association, devoted to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and international cooperation in the Mediterranean region, through the involvement of public, private and institutional players of the audio-visual media sector. The Special Prize aims to raise awareness and promote the theme of food security through the media.



  • Senior Communication Officer - IFAD - Susan Beccio
  • Secreteray General - COPEAM - Claudio Cappon (Jury President)
  • Director - RAI per la Sostenibilità-ESG - Roberto Natale


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