2023 Prix Italia General Regulations

24 febbraio 2023 ore 12:38

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1. The Prix Italia

1.1 The Prix Italia is an international event (hereafter "Event") focused on the holding of the competition for radio, television and multimedia programmes (hereafter "Competition"), judged by professional jurors in the field, who are appointed by broadcasters within its "Community", as better defined below, flanked by several activities.

1.2 In 1948, the Prix Italia was founded in Capri as an International Competition, and, while originally dedicated to radio productions, in 1957 it was expanded to television programmes and, since 1998, also to multimedia projects. At first, it was only addressed to public service broadcasters, but over the years it has welcomed private broadcasters with national coverage from all over the world, thus building a Community that cooperates in the successful development and growth of the Event and the Competition which may also provide some special prizes. The Competition is governed by these General Regulations (hereafter "General Regulations"), provided that for each edition there will also be a specific set of rules, which shall be part of these General Regulations.
The Prix Italia is organised annually by Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A. (hereafter "Rai") in the Italian territory and is now a major event with plenty of reviews and exchanges, and networking opportunities.

1.3 The Prix Italia is based on principles and values such as full respect for human dignity, mutual understanding of different cultural and linguistic identities, inclusion, and the spirit of brotherhood among peoples.


2. The Aims of the Event

2.1 The aims are as follows:
- promote and reward, through the Competition, the best quality, innovation, and creativity in radio, television, and multimedia programmes (hereafter "Programme" and/or "Programmes";
- encourage participating broadcasters to air the presented programmes;
- encourage communication and cooperation among all those who work creatively in the field of Radio, Television, and Multimedia;
- foster people studying, discussing, and learning about the cultural, technological, and creative issues relating to these means of expression;
- ensure that participating broadcasters continue sharing and mutually exchanging projects, content, and experiences.


3. Participants

Only broadcasting organisations duly authorised by competent authorities may participate in the Competition. They must provide a national service or guarantee, through forms of association, the widest broadcasting in their country of the Programmes that are entered in the Competition and assume editorial, creative, and financial responsibility for the programmes they broadcast. Participating in the Competition entails sharing the aims of the Prix Italia. Should there be, in a single country, several regional organisations that are grouped together in a national association, only the latter may participate in the Prix Italia, representing them all. Applications by transnational broadcasters are also accepted.
Broadcasters with the above characteristics which register for the Competition under these General Regulations are referred to individually as "Participant" and, as a whole, as "Participants".


4. Representative Figures

4.1 The Prix Italia Representative Figures are:
the President, the Secretary General, the Community, and the Juries.

4.2 The President shall be the annual representative of the Prix Italia. Each year the President shall be proposed by RAI and appointed by the Community, amongst internationally distinguished figures from the media world, to boost the event's prestige from time to time. The President shall oversee the Juries, as defined below, and preside by right over the final meeting of the Special Prize in Honour of the President of the Italian Republic. They shall not be eligible for reappointment for more than three consecutive editions and shall preside by right over meetings devoted to special prizes.

4.3 The Secretary General is proposed by Rai and is in charge of the Prix Italia's organisation as a whole.

4.3.1 Specifically, the Secretary General, in compliance with Rai corporate policies shall:
- organise the annual edition of the Prix Italia in the Italian territory;
- enhance and promote the aims of the Prix Italia;
- organise the Competition, take care of its platform, and draft the regulations of each edition;
- promote the Prix Italia activities through the website and the available social and communicative tools;
- propose the composition of the Juries to the Community and organise their meeting schedule;
- validate the voting process and publish the list of winners;
- organise and preside over the meetings of the Community, drafting the minutes of such meetings;
- organise, store and manage the Rai Digitised Historical Archive, under the management of Prix Italia, which is made up of those Programmes that were entered in the various editions of the Competition, and authorise its accessibility, as better specified in art. 5.4.5;
- keep in touch with the Community and update its registry for Event-related communication purposes.

4.3.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Secretary General shall be responsible for all activities related and instrumental to organising the Event.

4.4 The Community includes all broadcasters participating in the Competition in at least one of the last 5 (five) editions.
The Community shall hold a minimum of one meeting per year during the Competition. During the year, other meetings may be organised by the Secretary General, as determined by him/her from time to time. However, there may also be online or hybrid meetings. Based on the motions of the participating broadcasters and in agreement with the President, the Secretary General shall propose the agenda. During the meetings, any changes to the rules of the next edition of the Competition, proposed by the Secretary General, are discussed and approved, as well as, also upon the proposal of the Secretary General, the composition of the Juries, and the appointment of the new President. In addition, the Secretary General may also call on the Community to comment by email on specific issues. It is also possible to propose special prizes within the Community (which are governed by special rules that will be either attached to, or part of each edition's regulations), to establish working groups, to discuss how to broadcast, and promote the winning Programmes - including through specially designed events or screenings - and to hold master classes during the year. Finally, the training needs of the participating broadcasters are assessed and the workshops for the next edition are decided. The Community shall act by a simple majority of attending participants.

4.5 The Juries. Upon starting the Competition, the Secretary General shall propose to the Community the composition of the juries, i.e., designating each broadcaster to a jury(s), with respect to the Competition categories of each specific edition. This assignment proposal is based on a rotation system to ensure the widest possible turnover of each broadcaster. Following this, and based on the assigned jury(s), the broadcasters in the Community shall choose their representative(s) amongst their qualified professionals, experts in their relevant category, and indicate them to the Secretary General for assignment. The Juries shall listen to/watch and evaluate those Programmes that have been entered in each edition of the Competition and proceed to cast their votes to determine the Competition winners. The work of the juries shall be carried out in English and may also be online or hybrid, as arranged by the Secretary General. If Jurors are somewhat involved in the production of a Programme, they cannot be part of the Jury that is asked to vote on it.


5. Rights

5.1 For a Programme(s) to be entered in the Competition it is necessary to fully accept the Prix Italia General Regulations and also the regulations of the relevant edition and fully comply with all the instructions contained therein and available on the Prix Italia website. (https://www.rai.it/prixitalia/).

5.2 By entering the Programme(s) in the Competition, Participants shall guarantee that the Programme(s) design and production comply with applicable law, especially copyright law. Specifically, the Participants declare and guarantee that they are the exclusive owners and/or have the exclusive availability of all exploitation rights of the Programme(s), also in the name and on behalf of any third-party owners, as required by these General Regulations, first and foremost with reference to paragraph 5.3 below, as well as of the rights required under the rules of the relevant edition, both in its full version and in its several elements.

5.3 To this end, Participants hereby represent and warrant that they have all necessary consent forms to enable Rai's lawful and peaceful exercise of its rights under these General Regulations with particular reference but not limited to copyrights and related rights to the Programme(s) (by way of example, but not limited to: rights to the performances of the artistic cast, director, set designer, authors, as well as to the rights of performing artists, etc.). As a result, each Programme shall be entered into the Competition and used by Rai under these General Regulations and in the regulations of the relevant edition without any claim, for any reason, by third parties against Rai in this regard. Participants expressly indemnify and hold harmless Rai and/or the companies of the Rai Group from any damage or claim, none excepted, that may derive from the use of the Programme(s) pursuant to these General Regulations and the regulations of the relevant edition, ensuring, that they have fulfilled all obligations such as compensation, expenses, and charges of any kind to those that have contributed to producing the Programme(s) in any way.

5.4 More specifically, by registering Programme(s) for each Competition edition, Participants hereby agree to the following:
5.4.1 the widest distribution of the Programme(s), helping to make available, as much as possible, all promotional materials related to it (e.g., scripts, clips, backstage, interviews, etc...) to the broadcasters of the Community that request them;
5.4.2 the viewing of it by jurors during the selection and voting phase;
5.4.3 the public screening of said Programme(s), free of charge, as part of the Event, and for non-commercial purposes, in the relevant edition's host city. Such screening shall be essential in order to carry out the Competition itself;
5.4.4 access, also online, by jurors, delegates, accredited journalists, observers, scholars, or guests of the Secretary General during the Event. Such use on on-demand stations is solely intended for analysis and evaluation within the Competition, with no possibility of extrapolation, dissemination, reproduction, or any other activity that is not strictly related to the smooth running of the Competition under these General Regulations;
5.4.5 the uploading onto the digital Archive of the Prix Italia at the beginning of the event (unless the broadcaster withdraws from participation). Access to this Archive is only available for the Prix Italia Community. Upon request, the Secretary General shall authorise its consultation for documentation, study, and academic research purposes, excluding downloading;
5.4.6 the use of a maximum of 3 (three) minutes within Rai broadcast(s) to promote and document the Event without limitation of space, time, and means;
5.4.7 the use for promotional and communication purposes on the website and social channels of Prix Italia and Rai.

5.5 Failure to authorise, or partial authorisation, to use the rights referred to in paragraph 5.4 above shall affect the possibility to enter the Competition.

5.6 In order to ensure the Competition's maximum visibility, Participants may be asked, without obligation, for authorisation to use the Programmes on Rai-owned platforms ("RaiPlay" and "RaiPlay Sound"), geo-restricted to the Italian territory (including Vatican City State and the Republic of San Marino), under the terms and conditions that will be specified in the said edition's regulations. Non-authorisation, or partial authorisation, of the aforementioned use, will not affect, in any case, the possibility of entering the Competition and/or any special prizes. Therefore, in case of non-authorisation, the Secretary General will consider other modalities of use/visibility of the Programmes, in agreement with the Participants. It shall be understood that Rai shall not undertake any obligation as to the actual use of the said Programmes as described in this article, and such decision shall fall within Rai's unchallengeable editorial autonomy.

5.7 Any additional rights may be provided for in each edition's regulations.

5.8 All winning Programmes of the Competition and/or any special prizes are asked to bear the "Prix Italia" logo in their credits, in their promotional material and on the website homepage of the participating organisations, as a way to enhance and promote the Event. To this end, the use of the "Prix Italia" logo for the purposes outlined in this article is hereby authorised


6. Withdrawing from the Competition/Exclusion

6.1 Entering a Programme in the Competition also implies acknowledging the general ethical principles of honesty and observance of the law, pluralism, professionalism, impartiality, fairness, confidentiality, transparency, diligence, loyalty, and good faith as well as, the contents of the Rai Group's code of ethics (hereafter the "Code of Ethics") and the model of organisation, management, and control former Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 of Rai (hereafter the "Model"). Furthermore, it also implies having taken precise, full, and exact knowledge of them and of Rai's three-year plan for preventing corruption, as a whole and in every part, as available via the website www.rai.it.

6.2 Participants which intend to withdraw from the Competition must formally notify the Secretary General of their decision no later than 30 days prior to the Event. Any withdrawal after the deadline referred to in this paragraph must be duly justified by serious reasons.

6.3 Rai shall specifically reserve the right to exclude Participant(s) from the Competition at any time should they fail to comply with the provisions outlined in these General Regulations and/or the regulations of its relevant edition.


7. Jurisdiction

The Court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any litigation about these General Regulations and the regulations of the relevant edition.


8. Privacy Policy  

When entering a Programme in the Competition, it is mandatory to read the privacy policy drafted by Rai, as data controller, pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679.


9. Languages

These General Regulations are drawn up in English and Italian. In case of any inconsistency, the English version shall prevail.



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