Going Green: Mission possible

16 settembre 2023 ore 16:09

Tuesday, October 3   |   3 Ottobre, Martedì

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15:00 – 16:30
Going Green: Mission possible
An ecological transition for Cinema and TV

Più verde: si può fare!
La trasformazione ecologica di Cinema e TV
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The audiovisual industry is taking its responsibility in fostering sustainability. National and European legislation work to provide the necessary legal framework as broadcaster, with the private sector and different stakeholders, develop best practices and aspire to Green Certification as an important benchmark. How can audio-visual production become sustainable both environmentally and economically? What is the carbon footprint of our favorite Tv series? What investments in technology and production are necessary? Speakers from public service broadcasters like RAI and FranceTv meet European regulators, local film commissions and promoters of green certification to discuss how tv production can reduce its energy consumption and impact on the environment.
L'industria audiovisiva sta assumendo le proprie responsabilità nel promuovere la sostenibilità ambientale. A livello europeo e nazionale, il legislatore lavora per fornire il quadro giuridico, mentre le emittenti, insieme al settore privato e alle parti interessate, sviluppano pratiche innovative e aspirano a ottenere la certificazione verde. Come può la produzione audiovisiva diventare sostenibile sia dal punto di vista ambientale che economico? Qual è l'impatto ambientale delle nostre serie televisive preferite? Quali investimenti tecnologici e produttivi sono necessari? Relatori provenienti da emittenti pubbliche come la RAI e France Télévisions, rappresentanti dell'Europa, Film Commission locali ed esperti di certificazione verde per analizzare quali strade percorrere per ridurre il consumo energetico e l'impatto sull'ambiente della produzione Tv.
Modera: Giuseppe Solinas, giornalista Rai - Relazioni Internazionali e Affari Europei.
Intervengono: Giuseppe Abbamonte, Direttore per le politiche dei media presso la Commissione Europea; Nathalie Bobineau, Directrice du développement international chez France Télévisions; Linnea Merzagora, Project Manager, Green Film - Trentino Film Commission; Micol Rigo, Vicedirettore Rai Per la Sostenibilità-ESG; Anna Maria Tosto, Presidente Apulia Film Commission.




Giuseppe Solinas is responsible for cooperation at the International Relations and European Affairs Department of RAI, the Italian national Public Service company. He is a journalist with experience as a reporter, covering war and crisis areas. He has been a deputy editor of the Foreign News team at Tg1 and served as Staff for RAI Presidency, where he was responsible for the president's international relations area. He is an active member of the News Committee of the European Broadcasting Union and a Marshall Memorial Fellow.



Giuseppe Abbamonte: "I have been the Director for Media Policy at the European Commission since 2016. My Directorate is in charge of - Copyright law. We prepared and negotiated the reform of the European copyright regulatory framework; - Broadcasting law. We updated and negotiated the audiovisual media services regulatory framework; - the MEDIA programme, which provides financial support to the European audiovisual industry and - the fight against online disinformation. We elaborated and are now implementing the European strategy on countering fake news and disinformation. Before then I was in charge of the Directorate responsible for the elaboration of the European Data Strategy. In my former positions at the European Commission, I supervised and directed the elaboration of the European Cybersecurity Strategy and a European law on network and information security. I worked many years in the Antitrust and Consumer Protection departments of the European Commission. As a result I have acquired extensive proven experience in handling complex merger, State aid cases and knowledge of consumer law. Before joining the Commission I was an associate in an international law firm in Milan for four years (1989/1992), where I dealt mainly with commercial law and competition law. I am the author of several publications mainly in English law magazines. I teach media law to master students at the Bocconi University in Milan and give lectures and presentations on European law at several European universities."



Nathalie Bobineau started her career in 1989 as Sales Director for DARO FILM, a TV distributor based in Monaco before moving to Paris in 1995 to work for ARATHOS network as Head of international sales and acquisitions. In April 2000, she joins France Televisions Distribution as Sales Director before being appointed in 2007 Sr VP International Sales. In her career, she has been also managing international sales for France Televisions advertising house, (2011-2013) and distribution for France Televisions Distribution. She is today Sr VP International Development for France Televisions (since 2016).



After receiving a degree in Cinema Studies and Film Production, Linnea Merzagora pursued her passion for cinema, working at first as assistant producer and unit production manager in documentary productions. As part of her climate activism, as documentary producer she focused on developing environmental and social sustainability-related contents. Since 2021 she is project manager of GREEN FILM, the initiative for fostering environmental sustainability in audiovisual productions launched by Trentino Film Commission (Italy) and now adopted by many other regional and national funds at European level.



Micol Rigo: "Currently deputy director in Rai's newly set up Rai for Sustainability – ESG Department. I am a qualified lawyer since 1999, specializing in EU, antitrust and corporate law (LLM College of Europe, Bruges). Following several years at prominent international law firms (Cleary Gottlieb and Clifford Chance) I have overseen EU and antitrust Affairs in Fastweb, an Italian broadband telecoms company and of legal departments in American Express (from 2011 to 2016) and Philips Italy, Greece, and Israel (from mid-2016 to feb 2017), dealing with legal and regulatory matters in highly regulated fields of Italian and EU law (payments, consumer protection, compliance, and corporate matters). Prior to my recent career move into sustainability, I have been in charge – within Rai's legal and corporate affairs department - of providing legal assistance in the field of EU and international law, Collective Societies and Criminal litigation. In my new role in Rai for Sustainability – ESG department, I oversee the corporate Sustainability Plan as well as of legal/regulatory monitoring on ESG issues and of national / international initiatives concerning sustainability, including the participation to EBU's committees, and working groups, in close coordination with all competent departments."



Anna Maria Tosto, former magistrate and former attorney general at the Bari Court of Appeal. Born in Catanzaro, after a brief period as an official at the Bank of Italy, she entered the judiciary system. She worked as a judge and prosecutor in Bari, where she was Attorney General at the Court of Appeal until September 2022. Since March 2023, she has chaired the Board of Directors of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation.




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