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The Jury

Marcelo Claudio Javier Ayala (RTA - Argentina), Caroline Jamet (CBC/SRC - Canada), Iva Lovrec Štefanović (HRT - Croatia), Jesper Dein (DR - Denmark), Mohamad Kusnaeni (RRI - Indonesia), Kim HongBum (KBS - Korea, South), Yevhenii Chyzh (UA:PBC - Ukraine), Andrew King (BBC - United Kingdom)

The President: Jesper Dein (DR - Denmark)



The Finalists

ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Fairlight CMI: The Sound You've Never Heard Of

Direction: James Vyver. Narrating Voices, Sound Designers, Editing: John Jacobs, James Vyver.

This is the story of a very special musical instrument, a synthesiser that you've probably never heard of, but one you've definitely listened to, whether you realise it or not. The Fairlight Computer Music Instrument or CMI was so revolutionary that it changed how popular music sounded, from its creation back in the 1980s, right through to the present day. James Vyver, with some help from the Fairlight itself, uncovers the story of – and the soundtrack to – this remarkable Australian invention.

Presented by: James Vyver, Journalist and Producer, ABC

James is an award winning broadcaster and documentary producer working with the ABC in Australia, with a passion for stories about history, music and people. He's travelled to sweltering crocodile infested jungle of Queensland on the trail of a real-life Tarzan. He's investigated the mystery of a three-kilometre-long geoglyph in the outback that can only be seen from 20,000 feet in the air. He's held a the bullet from a World War Two Spitfire, salvaged from it's wreckage by the pilot's sister. Most dangerous of all, James has also interviewed Australia's leaders and politicians on the national broadcaster.

The Jury: A surprising, compelling and cleverly crafted story about an Australian invention that changed the course of global music history. Producer and presenter James Vyver has achieved one of the most difficult things on radio, taking a niche historical subject – the rise and fall of two tech entrepreneurs – and making it relevant to modern life, and accessible for the broadest possible listenership. He achieves this through a crystal clear narrative and easy tone of voice, making this modern tech adventure engaging from the start. The programme demonstrates a high quality of production, with an admirable attention to detail in the editing and sound design, and the use of innovative techniques such as AI voice generation. The duration is perfect in today's busy world of never-ending podcasts. The fact that this programme is the result of a small operation – James himself undertaking the majority of the production work, alongside sound engineer John Jacobs – deserves credit and is a good example of how the best stories in audio can be told with limited resources.

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Netherlands, The
NPO Nederlandse Publieke Omroep

De laatste dagen van Marvin Gaye (The Last Days of Marvin Gaye)

Screenplay, Authors, Direction: Wibo Dijksma, Anne Hurenkamp, Michiel Tjepkema. Narrating Voice: Hans Schiffers. Editing, Sound Designer: Alex van der Lugt. Participant: Alvin Lewis. Producing Organisation: AVROTROS.

Why was soul singer Marvin Gaye murdered by his father? In the six episodes of the third season of the podcast series, Dutch music journalists Wibo Dijksma, Anne Hurenkamp and Michiel Tjepkema draw a haunting portrait of Marvin's struggle with life, his remarkable career at Motown, his masterpiece What's Going On and his intense last days. With a lot of music, rare archive material, old and new interviews and a trip to the Belgian city of Ostend (where the singer lived for over a year and a half) the three journalists try to discover who the real, often elusive Marvin Gaye was. What was hidden from the eyes of the public and could his dramatic end have been prevented?

Presented by: Wibo Dijksma, Head of Podcast and Podcast Maker, AVROTROS

Wibo Dijksma was born on Christmas Day 1974 and has been working for Dutch public music radio since 2006. He has interviewed many pop musicians for NPO Radio 2, the most popular radio station in The Netherlands. In 2017 he became Head of Podcast at AVROTROS and - together with Anne Hurenkamp and Michiel Tjepkema - hosts the successful podcast series 'The Last Days Of...', about the life and death of legendary pop artists. Three seasons have been released thus far (about John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and Marvin Gaye). He is currently working on a season about George Michael (to be released in November 2023).


RTVSLO Radiotelevizija Slovenija

Morje (The Sea)

Direction: Saška Rakef. Authors: Saška Rakef, Bojana Šaljić Podešva. Dramaturgy: Katarina Kompan Erzar, Nina Kokelj. Actors: Rebeka Pregelj (Soprano), Vesna Jevnikar, Zala Ana Štiglic, Asja Kahrimanović Babnik. Composer: Bojana Šaljić Podešva. Participants: Pia Brezavšček (Expert advisor), Mateja Dermelj (Language editor), Jeremi Slak (Translator). Coproducing Organisation: Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana.

The Sea is a radio opera for the shared listening of the youngest and their significant adults. Sound attunement, vocalising together or the so-called "communicative musicality", are important parts of child-adult communication. The work is designed to invite them to listening to the story of the sea that lost its song, to the discovery of secrets – tiny musical compositions – and to creative vocalisation. In short, singing along with the sea. By interweaving sounds, songs and spoken texts, The Sea immerses the child in a rich and musically complex, yet gentle and safe sound environment, using delicate sound shifts to engage the child's attention. Children's playroom becomes a concert stage, while the fragile yet powerful music brings parent and child together. Listening together, starting from birth.

Presented by: Anamarija Štukelj Cusma, Editor

Anamarija Štukelj Cusma, classically educated musician, a piano and organ teacher, works in a Classical Music Department of the Ars Programme of Radio Slovenija as a musical editor, journalist and presenter. She is a close collaborator of the project B- Air, which is managed by Radio Slovenija and which joins nine partner organisations from seven European countries in a project researching how sound stimuli affect our cognitive, emotional and personal development.




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