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The Jury

Kurt Reissnegger (ORF - Austria), Hermann Kpokame (ORTB - Benin), Klára Novotná (ČRO - Czech Republic), Rainer Korhonen (YLE - Finland), Isabel Platthaus (ARD - Germany), Kitano Yuko (NHK - Japan), Atila Vizauer (ROR - Romania), Lia Fiorio (SMRTV - San Marino), Vesna Perić (RTS - Serbia), Ulph Nyström (SVERIGES RADIO - Sweden), Mara Miceli (RV - Vatican State)

The President: Vesna Perić (RTS - Serbia)



The Finalists

ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Direction: Friederike Wigger, Stefanie Heim (assistant). Author: Laura Uribe. Narrators: Marina Galic, Jule Böwe, Nuri Singer, Jenny Schily, Lisa Hrdina, Stefanie Eidt, Lena Stolze, Marina Frenk, Anastasia Gubareva, Manuel Harder, Abak Safaei-Rad. Composition: Achim Zepezauer. Sound Engineering: Thomas Monnerjahn, Susanne Beyer. Editing: Barbara Gerland. Translation: Franziska Muche. Producing Organisation: Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

"Las Rastreadoras" is a group of female trackers searching in the field for their missing loved ones. Countless sons, daughters, husbands and fathers have disappeared at the hands of the powerful drug cartels in Mexico. They have been abducted, tortured, killed, and buried in unknown locations. How are their families supposed to grieve their loss? Abandoned by a corrupt and under–resourced police force and justice system, threatened by ruthless criminals, these women take matters into their own hands. Armed with shovels and pickaxes, they dig for the bones of their loved ones. In her radio play, Laura Uribe straddles between fiction and documentary. The author participated in search operations and spoke with the bereaved, policewomen, and forensic experts.

Presented by: Laura Uribe, Performing Artist

Laura is a Mexican performing artist, stage director, playwright, performer and stage researcher. She co-directs since 2018 together with Sabina Aldana the company L.A.S. - Laboratorio de Artistas Sostenibles. Her work is characterized by experimenting in the contemporary scene, with a transfeminist, transdisciplinary and documentary approach, attending a liminal dimension between the intimate micro political sphere and the macro political sphere. She is currently a beneficiary of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte in her country. Laura Uribe's artistic work has reverberated in national and international circuits, being recognized as a reference of contemporary Mexican playwriting.

The Jury: Author Laura Uribe deepens our understanding for a traumatic loss, individual and collective, using the radio medium in an artistic and personal way that exceeds the pure facts and makes Campo a real work of art. This is a story about unheard voices of mothers, sisters and wives looking for a truth about their beloved ones kidnapped and murdered by Mexican cartels. However, the artistic and poetic form of this docu-fiction piece deepens our understanding beyond the pure presentation of facts. The author herself is deeply involved with the story and faces an existential question during her work: shall she join the side of action or just continue to be a witness? Shall she dig or shall she write? With Campo she gives the answer: the act of writing that unburies the bodies of loved ones is also an act of fighting against the destructive, annihilating power of a criminal system. And in this intense audio production for German radio, the successful transferal and reenactment of a Mexican reality in a different language, by actors unfamiliar with this painful reality, unveils the universal core of this drama. The stories of the missing sons and daughters, fathers and brothers do matter - to Mexico and to the world. And even more matters the strength and love of the women telling their stories.


NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting

Vennen (The Friend)

Screenplay, Direction: Robert Næss. Actor: Ine Marie Willmann. Sound Designers: Jens Mathias Falkenberg, Hilde Rolfsnes.

Camilla is doing her best to make a good life for herself and her son, but long night shifts, a tight budget and a real jerk of an ex are wearing down the exhausted single parent. Meanwhile, her son Even's wild behaviour is becoming more and more intense. When he suddenly finds an "invisible friend" to put the blame on, the happy little family's façade starts falling apart.

Presented by: Robert Næss, Writer and Director

Robert Næss studied theatre and history of ideas at the University of Oslo and film making at London International Film School. Since the late nineties he has been working with film and TV production in various capacities with an emphasis on directing and screenwriting. He has made commercials, short films, reality shows, documentaries and drama series. He is also a writer of fiction books for children. In 2012 he wrote and directed his first feature film («The Rocka») which got critical acclaim and got picked up by Netflix. He went on to create «Alle sammen sammen», a comedy series for children on NRK Super. The show became the most popular in the history of the network, was sold to many other European countries and ran for three seasons. He's last projects include the audio drama series «Revnen» («The Rift») which won Prix Italia 2022 and «Skygger» («Shadows») which won Prix Europa 2022. He is currently developing new audio dramas as well as a dramaseries for tv.

The Jury: The Norwegian piece The Friend provides us with intimacy created by outstanding acting, and draws the listener into the inner struggle and perspectives of the protagonist, a young divorced mother whose little son changes her behaviour due to the uncanny presence of an imaginary friend.


SRG SSR Société suisse de radiodiffusion et télévision

Die eingebildete Maske (The Imaginary Mask)

Direction, Sound Designer: Ulrich Bassenge. Authors: Johannes Mayr, Wolfram Höll. Actors: Jürg Kienberger, Charlotte Müller, Lucia Kotikova, Hans-Georg Panczak, Christoph Maria Herbst, Heinrich Schafmeister, Mona Petri, Johannes Mayr. Sound Track: Claus Filser (violin), Evi Keglmaier (viola), Andreas Höricht (viola), Georg Karger (double bass, viola da gamba), Silvia Berchtold (recorders), Ulrich Bassenge (portative organ, percussion, sampler). Editing: Björn Müller. Production: SRF.

The characters in Molière's plays are doctors in spite of themselves, imaginary invalids, greedy misers, cunning daughters and opportunists who live for the moment. 400 years after Molière's birthday, they make ideal characters for a parody in the face of the pandemic. Anett is at the centre of the radio play. She is a bus driver, that is her profession – no, her vocation! Anett is supposed to check whether the photo on the monthly bus pass matches the passenger's face – but how, if everyone wears a mask? Anett resorts to thuggish behaviour and becomes the hero of Corona sceptics! She gets involved with a fake doctor who sells invisible masks, falls in love with a vegan YouTube chef and they start putting videos online about the vaccination dictatorship and world conspiracy, while promoting invisible masks. Followers are thrilled...

Presented by: Wolfram Höll, Author, Head of Audio Fiction, SRF

Wolfram is a german-swiss playwright and director. He writes play for theatre – two times awarded as German play of the year – and audio dramas. Since 2013, he works as a director and editor at Swiss Public Radio SRF; since 2021, he is Head of audio fiction at SRF.

The Jury: Switzerland's production The Imaginary Mask deals with the Covid pandemic in a satyrical way through the perspective of a mother and an adolescent daughter in a polarized society. The piece is musically enthralling and wins over the listeners thanks to its hommage to Moliere's characters and humour.

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