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The Jury

Davide Schiappapietra (SBS - Australia), Yolande Ekoumou Samba (CRTV - Cameroon), Tim Desmond (RTÉ - Ireland), Daria Corrias (RAI - Italy), Katarzyna Kasia Michalak (PR - Poland), Špela Šebenik (RTVSLO - Slovenia), Vanni Bianconi (SRG SSR - Switzerland), Anupong Chaiyariti (THAI PBS - Thailand)

The President: Tim Desmond (RTÉ - Ireland)



The Finalists


À coeur ouvert (Open Hearts)

Direction: Léa Chatauret, Samuel Hirsch. Editing, Author, Narrating Voice: Léa Chatauret. Original Music: Arno Ledoux. Translation: Simon John, Laure Guillebon. Producers: Silvain Gire, Chloé Assous-Plunian, Fanny Lehmann, Mathilde Guermonprez.

Léa's father, Jean, is waiting for the heart transplant that will save his life. At the same time, Léa feels her daughter's heart beating in her tummy for the first time. Meanwhile, the heart of Jean's mother, Geneviève, is coming to a stop. From these different pulsations, suddenly, a heartbreaking family secret emerges…

Presented by: Perrine Kervran, Chief Editor, Arte Radio

She is a radio chief editor and producer. She worked for 25 years for France Culture, the cultural french state owned radio, as a producer and as a chief editor. She hosted for seven years the daily radio documentary show LSD, la série documentaire. She was born in 1974, she has two children, she studied history and art history, and also teaches radio for the Paris8 university.



Inside Kaboul (Inside Kabul)

Ground Recordings: Marwa and Raha. Author, Producer, Narrating Voice: Caroline Gillet. Chief Editor, Sound Design: Anna Buy. Editing: Cyrielle Thelot. Editing Assistant: Daphné Leblond. Script: Olivier Daunizeau. Actors: Lilith Grasmug, Sofia Lesaffre. Music Assistant: Romain Couturier. Mix: Basile Beaucaire. Translation: Josh Jardey. Producing Organisation: France Inter.

Inside Kabul is a podcast project in nine episodes by Caroline Gillet that follows the parallel lives of two young Afghan women, Raha and Marwa, since Kabul fell to the Taliban. It takes each of them through their first year under Taliban rule, with Raha staying at home in Kabul and Marwa fleeing and eventually winding up in a refugee camp in Abu Dhabi. While telling their stories, Inside Kabul focuses on the many difficulties they face as young Afghan women in their early twenties, caught up in a series of tumultuous events beginning in the summer of 2021. Their world is turned upside down from one day to the next, just as they are coming of age. Their experiences raise questions about the independence, freedom and femininity common to all women. But given Raha and Marwa's circumstances, their answers are particularly poignant.

Presented by: Caroline Gillet, Author and Producer

Caroline Gillet is Belgian and studied history and journalism in Paris. She settled in the French capital where she has been making documentaries for the French Public radio (France Inter) for the last 15 years. 'A ton âge' was a serie of short sound portraits, 'Tea Time Club' was a live show in interaction with people all over the world, and 'Foule continentale' a weekly documentary show about youth in Europe. On the side, she's been curious to try find new ways to share stories, on stage ('Radiolive' project), on film ('Tea Time Club' adaptation for screens or 'Les mères intérieures') or in writting. 'Inside Kabul' is her latest piece that she worked on in collaboration with Raha and Marwa, two young afghan women, using whatsapp messages.

The Jury: The skill of the producer to connect in real time at such distance and create a transformative experience for the protagonists and the listeners results in a unique perspective on the plight of women trying to escape a repressive regime. What emerges for the listener is a compelling narrative of two women at a time of great danger to them and their families. The jury felt the skill of the producer and the bravery of Raha and Marwa to tell and record their journeys made them deserving winners of the Prix Italia prize for Documentary and Reportage for 2023.


RTÉ Raidió Teilifis Éireann

Documentary On One: Blackrock Boys

Direction, Authors, Narrating Voices: Liam O'Brien. Executive Producers: Seán Mac Giolla Phádraig, David Nally. Legal Advisors: Deirdre Ann Kelly, Eleanor Bleahene. Producing Organisation: RTÉ Radio 1 with the Documentary on One team.

Clerical child sex abuse in Ireland had never been associated with boarding schools, the most prestigious high schools in Ireland. In this documentary, Mark and David Ryan broke that omertà. And in doing so, created one of the largest news stories within Ireland in recent history. Within a month of broadcast, an estimated 1500 and more victims and survivors of child sex abuse had come forward for the first time. Within 3 days of the documentary broadcast, a Garda (Irish Police) investigation was launched into child sex abuse at Spiritan run schools in Ireland. The Irish Government responded by setting up the largest inquiry in the history of the state. Victim led, it will encompass more than 6 million people, including every living individual who attended a school run by a religious order in Ireland.

Presented by: Liam O'Brien, Journalist

Liam O'Brien joined the Irish public broadcaster, RTÉ, in 2000. Since then he has worked across radio, and podcast, in many different genres including Classical Music, Politics, Current Affairs, Sport, Drama, Documentaries and narrative podcast series. Outside of work, he likes to not work!

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