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The Jury

Elina Yli-Ojanperä (YLE - Finland), Giacomo Marchettini (RAI - Italy), Hege Waagbø (NRK - Norway), Aleksandra Prokopiuk (TVP - Poland), Alberto Fernández Torres (RTVE - Spain), İlknur Özer (TRT - Türkiye)

The President: Giacomo Marchettini (RAI - Italy)



The Finalists


Terrain sensible (Marseille mon amour)

Project Manager, Direction: Aurélie Meimon. Photography: Mahdi Lepar. Sound Track: Paul Sabin. Producing Organisation: Frenchkiss Pictures. Coproducing Organisation: ARTE France.

That summer, two clans of boys and girls formed, trying to win the right to occupy the recreational area in the neighbourhood. The situation is deadlocked and the boys do not want to give in. The arrival of Inès, Michel.e's cousin who ten years earlier had gone to Paris to study dance, changes the game. Slimane, unsettled by this young woman, breaks away from his group of friends and proposes a competition for the recreational area. Three days of games ensue between the rival clans to decide between them. But as things become increasingly tense and animosity grows between the groups, Slimane and Inès experience their first romance out of sight and away from the power struggles. For Slimane, between his life in the neighbourhood with his comrades and his grandmother and his dream of becoming a cook, the time has come to make a choice.

Presented by: Camille Baron, Commissioning Editor – Digital Creations

As with most of ARTE's programs, our digital productions are designed and produced by teams of independent creators and producers in France, Europe and further afield, fostering a cross-cultural view of the world through the creation of works reflecting varied tones and editorial proposals. We are looking for original, innovative documentaries and/or fiction, worlds and projects, with open-ended themes rooted in public concerns, modernity and popular culture.

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RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

Mare Fuori (The Sea Beyond)

Direction: Ivan Silvestrini. Photography: Francesca Amitrano. Sound Track: Stefano Lentin. Producer: Roberto Sessa. Coproducing Organisations: Rai Fiction, Picomedia.

The juvenile detention serves as a sanctuary for "interrupted kids" to discover themselves beyond their past lives. It offers suspension, navigating depths, uncovering horizons, and exploring uncharted territories. Some face fears, familial expectations, perceiving bravery as aggression, disregarding emotions. In The Sea Beyond Season 3, characters mature, assuming adult roles. Love uncovers hidden facets, uncharted continents within. Some get lost in this emotion's terrain, others find it a guiding light. New characters like Giulia, a Milanese gang-affiliated Trapper, and the Di Meo brothers with their non-EU friend Dobermann, wreak hospital havoc. Tragic events with ruthless youth fill the news. The failure of youth is the failure of society. The protagonists of The Sea Beyond direct their outcry, reminding us to act responsibly.

Presented by: Michele Zatta, Commissioning Editor in charge of International Coproductions - Rai Fiction

Former travel-guide, copywriter and lawyer, I started my career in television as an editor of tv-movies and series. The turn in life happened in 1994, when I developed together with the Australian writer Wayne Doyle the first italian soap ('Un posto al sole'), which started in october 1996 and is still on air. I worked 12 years as co-headwriter and producer and in the meanwhile I dealt with a prime-time cop-series ('La squadra') that lasted 8 seasons (221 episodes of 100' each), another soap ('Cuori rubati') and a couple of tv-movies. In 2008 I became headwriter of the soap 'Agrodolce'. Soon after Rai offered me an employment as an executive in the fiction department. In this position I deal with the editorial and productive process of various projects (tv movies, mini-series, long running series), keeping a strong focus on the narrative development. The most recent series I've worked on are 'La porta rossa' ('The red door'), a paranormal thriller in which the protagonist has to find out who killed him, 'Di padre in figlia' ('From father to daughter'), an intense family saga that takes place in Italy and Brazil, the second season of 'Non uccidere' ('Close murders'), the first Italian 'Nordic noir' and 'Il cacciatore' ('The hunter'), that won the price for the best actor at the recent Canneseries. Now I'm in charge of international coproductions and in this position I worked on the series 'The name of the rose' as on 'Survivors', a series that is co-developed by Zdf and FranceTv and more recently 'The sea beyond', RaiPlay's biggest success ever with almost 200m. views. I'm also in charge for RaiFiction's master class for writers who want to work on returning series.

The Jury: For its capability to shorten the distance between young audiences and public service media, through its extreme quality corresponding to the scale of its impact.

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Netherlands, The
NPO Nederlandse Publieke Omroep

Flexe Meiden: Roxy's verhaal (Roxy's Story)

Project Manager: Rosanne van de Leemkolk. Content Manager, Social Media Editor: Sylvie van Heteren. Direction: Irisch Wawer, Rosanne van de Leemkolk. Producer: Rachelle den Butter. Producing Organisation: KRO-NCRV.

In this 4-episode TikTok series, we witness Roxy's story of bullying. A video of Roxy stumbling goes viral, her phone is smashed, her bicycle tyre punctured, etc. Each bullying scene ends with Roxy writing in her diary at night. "Why am I always being picked on?". "Help, they are destroying me". "I can't take it anymore". In the final episode, Roxy takes refuge in the bathroom to have lunch but is surprised by her tormentors: they snatch her food and pour the water bottle on her. "Today has been hell! I will try to take revenge..." she writes. This revenge is recounted in Flexe Meiden, the YouTube series in which Roxy turns into a real bully: but whether this is a good approach remains debatable.

Presented by: Rosanne van de Leemkolk, Digital Creative, KRO-NCRV

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