2022 Web Interactive Shortlist

10 settembre 2022 ore 18:36

Colombia    RTVC

El Cubo: El Inquisidor

Interactive fiction series with gamification elements about El Inquisidor, a newspaper that investigates the finding of women's corpses throughout the city.The killer communicates directly with the tabloid and sends them his victims body parts. In the interactive mode, the user can help the protagonist, Andrés Erazo, find the murderer by taking on the role of an investigative journalist. Clicking on objects, finding hidden clues, following clues, solving trivia or puzzles will allow the user to score points, unlock levels and objects and access exclusive content throughout the course of the story.The project intends to inquire into current global issues such as fake news, corruption or manipulation, assuming that the truth is nothing more than a well-crafted lie.



Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Inua is a narrative adventure game where three protagonists roam the same places in the far North, decades apart. Explore each era, collect ideas, and influence their decisions to change the course of history.


Germany    ARD

Stolpersteine NRW – Gegen das Vergessen
(Stolpersteine NRW – For Remembering)

Through a smartphone app and a website, "Stolpersteine NRW" provides an innovative, interactive approach to the topic of National Socialism. The starting point is Gunter Demnig's "Stolpersteine" project: Since the mid-1990s, the artist and delegates have been laying small brass memorial plaques in Europe's streets. Each Stolperstein, which translates to "stumbling stone", commemorates a person that was persecuted, deported, murdered or driven to suicide by the National Socialist regime. "Stolpersteine NRW" extends the work into the digital realm, covering an entire German state for the first time. An interactive map shows each of approximately 15,000 Stolpersteine in NRW. Biographical texts, illustrations, audios and historical photos make the stories behind the Stolpersteine experienceable.


Japan    NHK

Fight for the Futureking Throne

This is an entertaining VR quiz show where viewers learn about environmental issues such as global warming and plastic waste and are encouraged to take positive action to help our planet. One hundred people in their teens and twenties who are passionate about the environment log into a virtual space via home computer, using digital avatars to take part in an eco quiz. The contestants must answer questions on issues ranging from basic facts about building a sustainable world to the ways we can be greener in our daily lives. We used a video-game engine to develop our own original VR platform, creating a globetrotting, gamified experience that appeals to youngsters. The show's interactive format allows audience members across the country to participate remotely and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Netherlands    NPO

Het verhaal van Nederland podwalk app
(The History of the Netherlands Podwalk App)

The Story of the Netherlands Podwalks App are 10 GPS-controlled audio tours that let you experience the stories of the television series on location. The podwalks are spread over historical locations throughout the Netherlands: Anloo, Nijmegen, Dokkum, Muiden, Deventer, Brielle, Hoorn, Hattem, Veenhuizen and Vught. In these walks, actor Daan Schuurmans takes you on a journey through history on location. From the Ice Age to the Second World War. On the basis of buildings, monuments and other traces in the landscape, he tells what happened where you are at that moment. What role did the inhabitants of that time have in it? And the consequences of this for our country as we know it today. Thanks to the connection with GPS, Daan knows exactly where you are.He tells you where to go and where to look.


Sweden    SVT

Sexy Hands – Dating School

Sexy Hands is a dating program built around communication through sign language. Sexy Hands – Dating School is the app for hearing who wants to flirt with deaf people and remain cool. Sign language videos, tests, competitions, and much more is included in the app. The app and the videos is marketed in connection with the dating show on the on demand platform SVT Play and sketches about deaf peoples' dating experiences is published on the SVT's youth Instagram and TikTok accounts. Before the second season of Sexy Hands we hope to build an even stronger community and the goal is to bring a hearing person who've learned sign language through our app to become a participator on the program. Sign language has been an official language in Sweden since 1981, but still the common knowledge is very poor, we want to change that.


Sweden    SVT

Schackmästaren vs Sverige (The Grand Master vs Sweden)

The Grandmaster vs Sweden is a 6 hour long livestream where the audience collectively challenges a chess grandmaster, the best player in Sweden – Nils Grandelius. Using SVT's application for interactivity, the DUO-app, the audience could suggest the next move, vote on the most popular moves and participate in the game. Long-term planning took place in chat. The voting was done in three stages – first the audience could suggest and discuss the next and coming moves and strategy in the chat and also suggest any move as the next. The three most popular moves were singled out and the audience could vote once more, to decide what move should be played on the board in front of Grandelius. Over 50.000 people joined and took part in the night of chess at SVT – giving this niche interest a rare place in the spotlight at SVT Play.


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