2022 Web Fiction Shortlist

10 settembre 2022 ore 18:35

Finland    YLE

Entä jos päättäisit? (What If?)

What If? is online interactive gaming content produced by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company). The core target group for the project is women aged 25-35. It is based on new uses of audio in which the user takes the main role. The users immerse themselves in the story and try out different options as they guide the choices of the main character. At the same time, the users reflect on their own life choices and play with alternative scenarios: what if they had chosen differently? What would life be like now? Technologically, in a very advanced way, designed content combines audio storytelling, chat fiction and gameplay, offering not only a compelling story with different endings but also a way for the user to gain meaningful insights into their own life.


Germany    ARD


On her 100th birthday, the Instagram series @IchBinSophieScholl transports the Nazi resistance fighter, Sophie Scholl, out of 1942 and into the here and now. Growing up in the middle of the war, between her first great love and the confines of Hitler's dictatorship until she is arrested and murdered.


Germany    ZDF

Schlafschafe (Sheeple)

Lars and Melanie's relationship is put to the test when it emerges that Melanie is an adherent of conspiracy theories. First she does not send their son Janosch to school because it is dangerous for his not yet fully developed lungs to wear masks, then she dismantles all the smoke detectors in the house because she fears that the data would be transmitted to ominous rulers, and finally she wants to give a speech at a demonstration of conspiracy theorists. Lars is horrified, his marriage is about to end and Janosch doesn't know whether to believe his mother or his father. There is only one way for Lars to win back his wife. He must prove that her theories are not true. To do this, Janosch gives his father a very interesting tip. Will Lars achieve his goal, will Melanie finally understand than he is not a sleep sheep?


Germany    ZDF

Echt – Folge: Love or Loser (True: Love or Loser)

Friendship is the main topic of the series Echt (True).The stories take place in a sixth-grade classroom and are told in an intimate and authentic way. They are about exclusion, arguments and lies as well as about getting along, laughter and trust. The multi-layered characters make it clear that we all do wrong sometimes, but that true friendship overcomes everything.


Poland    PR

Galaktyka Lema (Lem's Galaxy)

Interactive website prepared on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem's birth. Users of the site can go on an interplanetary journey through the life, work, ideas and concepts of one of the most popular Polish sci-fi writers and the greatest minds of the 20th century.


Spain    RTVE

Ser o no ser (To Be or Not To Be)

Joel (16) dreams of becoming a great actor while struggling to construct his new identity as a trans boy. He begins his DramaticArts Baccalaureate at a new high school where no one knows him, but his attempt to hide his transition process will conflict with the demands of his drama teacher, who insists that her students need to cast off all their masks before they can really get into the skin of their characters. Joel is afraid of not being accepted. He's also afraid of losing Ona, a classmate with whom he's fallen in love at first sight.


Sweden    SVT

En mot en (One-on-One)

Ousman and his brother Malik live and breathe football. Having fled from Gambia,they are living undocumented with their family in a basement in the suburbs of Stockholm. One day the brothers get discovered by talent scouts and get to try-out for a major football club. Suddenly, what earlier were unrealistic dreams are now within reach: working as a professional football player, and a right of residence in Sweden. But soon it becomes clear that the brothers are competing for the same spot on the team. Instead of Ousman and Malik against the world it's suddenly brother against brother – One-on-One. One-on-One is sport-drama-series that follows Ousman and Malik as they try to juggle practice, dating, parties and providing for their family, with the ever over-hanging threat of being deported


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