2022 Web Factual Shortlist

10 settembre 2022 ore 18:33

Belgium    RTBF


Normal is a documentary web series offering a different view of mental health. Through 6 episodes, the viewer is immersed in the personal stories of 6 people living with psychological disorders on a daily basis. The aim of Normal is to take the viewer beyond the preconceived ideas associated with these disorders through an openly subjective and personal narrative.These encounters are an opportunity to question the notion of normality in our society. In a carefully crafted aesthetic, this documentary offers an intimate view of pathologies on a spectrum that is often misunderstood.


Czech Rep.    ČT

Ukrajina – Co se deˇje a jak se s tím vyrovnat
(Ukraine – What Is Happening and How to Deal With It)

When the warin Ukraine began, children's questions began to proliferate. Our viewers wrote that they did not understand the situation, that they did not understand what was happening, that they were afraid that the war would come to the Czech Republic. That is why we immediately launched an informative page with videos, pictures and a form through which children can write to us.Every question is answered, and in the first two weeks we received over 1000 questions. The children's questions were then used as the basis for making further informative videos, where we asked their questions to experts in various fields.



On The Morning You Wake – To the end of the world

January 13, 2018, Hawaii. Tv, Radio... all the channels inform: "THREAT OF BALLISTIC MISSILE OVER HAWAI. GO TO SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS NOTAN EXERCISE". 38 minutes during which the citizens of the archipelago first experienced the nuclear threat


Germany    ZDF

Das ist also Kunst (So This Is Art)

Since April 11, 2022, So This is Art has been providing clear background knowledge and also establishing connections between works from different epochs and current socio-political questions from the users' environment. Were self-portraits the first selfies? To what extent do paintings from past centuries provide important clues for today's climate research? What ideals of beauty were popular in the 16th century? And what role do people of color play in art history? The focus of the channel is not elitist expertise, but insights, surprising perspectives and impulses to be exchanged within the community. So This is Art wants to encourage people between 25 and 34, for whom the hurdle to go to a museum or to deal with art has been too high,to deal with classics of art and to exchange ideas with others.


Japan    NHK

What's Happening in Myanmar?

As the military tightened their control to prevent videos and photos from spreading via social media, we launched the What's Happening in Myanmar? website, which asks people to send information. We decided that, rather than allow such precious acts of censorship to be buried among the masses of other online material, we would record those that were clearly not fake (in other words, those for which we could verify the photographer and the time and place of filming).


The Netherlands    NPO

Archief van de toekomst (Archive of the Future)

Archive of the Future is a crossmedia exploration of how Artificial Intelligence can analyse, re-order and expose an audio-visual archive containing 20 years of VPRO Backlight's documentary stories on the future.By means ofAI driven SpeechAnalysis and ImageRecognition over 500 hours of video were transformed into a time-coded, open standard dataset. A visual web-interface now enables the Backlight audience, educators and students to search, explore and discover relevant quotes, speakers and connected stories in order to track the traces of the future in the world of today. It's all there at the users' fingertips. Archive of the Future offers a kaleidoscope of alternate perspectives on the pressing societal issues and sets a new standard in innovative web-interfaces for both broadcasters and digital heritage institutions.


Sweden    SVT

Mammorna – I våldets skugga
(The Mothers – In the Shadow of Violence)

In the stigmatised outskirts of Stockholm, suburbs faced with decades of de-investment and segregation, live the mothers who outlived their murdered children. Society has since long ago stopped caring for its citizens living here. Eleni, Maritha, Katri, Carolina, Sussie and Sirra talk to us about the bottomless grief and finding the means to keep on living – and fighting for a society where children do not become casualties in the meaningless gang violence. It's a modern tragedy taking place, that needs to be told and addressed. But it's also a story about the children of the concrete high-rises, about crime and marginalised mothers' call for help. About human life value. Everyone's children are everyone's children, right?


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