2022 TV Performing Arts Shortlist

10 settembre 2022 ore 18:28


Quinte & Sens : Une symphonie pour les éléments
(Quinte & Sens: A Symphony of the Elements)

Quinte & Sens sets out to rethink the orchestra's relationship with the image and to create a visual score that carries all the power of a repertoire. In a similar vein to the films of Karajan and Clouzot, this work is a symphony of the imagination, a story of music in creation. The Orchestre de Paris makes a sublime return to its beloved Philharmonie with a grand, impressionistic musical fresco inspired by the four elements, featuring excerpts from Stravinsky's Firebird and Rite of Spring as well as Debussy's La mer in full. Deprived of its "home" during the first lockdown, the Orchestre de Paris reclaims La Philharmonie with gusto. From dawn until dusk, its musicians plot a musical journey from the cellar to the roof, via the magnificent concert hall and the labyrinth of passages.


France    FRANCE 3

Charlie Chaplin, le génie de la liberté
(Charlie Chaplin, The Genius of Liberty)

This is the first all-archival documentary dedicated to Charlot, nourished with anthology scenes from his most popular masterpieces and more surprising sequences, sometimes unknown, but just as pleasing. The combined pleasure of discovery and reunion.


France    FRANCE 5

Opéra de Paris, une saison (très) particulière
(Opera de Paris, A (Very) Special Season)

A jewel from the Paris Opera repertoire, La Bayadère is a mega-production with flamboyant sets and costumes that brings together on stage nearly 90 dancers of the company. Considered, along with Swan Lake, as one of Rudolf Nureyev's masterpieces, it is also one of the most technical and difficult ballets ever. An unmatched challenge for the dancers after long weeks of interruption and which testifies to the vital energy of dance.


Germany    ARD

Lene Marie oder Das wahre Gesicht der Anorexie
(The Self Portrait)

Norwegian Photographer Lene Marie Fossen suffered from anorexia for over 20 years. Lene stopped eating at the age of 10. She is afraid of growing up and wants to stop time. That is also what fascinates her about photography: capturing the moment, freezing time. In the world of photographic art, Lene Marie is regarded as a promising up-and-coming talent, she is about to make her international breakthrough. When her illness has progressed to the point where there is no turning back, Lene decides to be open about it and finds her means of expression in photography. She deals with her illness in courageous self-portraits. Lene Marie - The True Face of Anorexia tells painfully and with sensitivity about the torments of an eating disorder, about a great artist who has the courage to publicly deal with the disease and her own body


The Netherlands    NPO

Nieuw licht - Het Rijksmuseum en slavernij
(New Light – The Rijksmuseum & Slavery)

What happens when the leading national museum focuses its gaze on the slavery history of the Netherlands? This is the subject of New Light, a highly topical documentary from Director Ida Does about the genesis of the slavery exhibition in the Rijksmuseum.


Norway    NRK

HAIK: Girl in Red

All great moments of life have a soundtrack. In Music lie memories and thousands of stories about life. And with these stories we made the music portrait series, HAIK. It is a musical documentary through which we go on a roadtrip with the Artist Girl in Red. A journey down memory lane, but also deep in the artists' souls. The journey becomes an adventure filled with surprises and touching moments, conversations about life and unique musical features.


Sweden    SVT

Vi spelar för freden (Playing for Peace)

Kyiv Soloists toured Europe when Russia decided to invade Ukraine. Some musicians returned home in order to defend their country or get their families out of it, and some decided to continue the tour. Since then, the ensemble has travelled through Europe with no return tickets, playing for peace. They have turned their tour into fundraising concerts for the victims of war. In March they arrived at the Stockholm Concert Hall and SVT filmed their concert. Conversations and interviews are mixed with rarely played Ukrainian music. The evening begins with Adolf Fredrik Music School's welcoming the ensemble to Stockholm with a Ukrainian folk song, and ends with Ode to Freedom from Abba's new record Voyage, with the composer himself at the grand piano.


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