2022 Radio Drama Shortlist

10 settembre 2022 ore 18:23

Austria    ORF

Was siehst du? Die Nacht! (What Can You See? The Night!)

Spring 1944: little Mirka and her father in the cattle wagon of a deportation train on the way from the Lódz ghetto to Auschwitz. Mirka, full of life, but with doubts because the Nazi dog bits her doll while boarding. The father, drowned in despair, tries to reassure. Children's fantasy against fainting white lies of the adored dad. Hastily concocted fairy tales as a replica to unanswerable questions. Some remaining hours, two hearts in commanded final lifetime, one soul.



Game Lover : Léa, coup de foudre sur Calycé
(Game Lover: Léa, Love at First Sight on Kalyke)

Léa, Morgane and Erwan have never met but they share a virtual universe: Lifespan, an online game (mmorpg) that is at once galactic (Kalyke), medieval (Artheros) and an island paradise (Île au Rocher). Between reality and fantasy, these three young gamers each make romantic encounters that turn daily life on its head. Following a call for testimonials on social networks, and after reading stories on blogs and forums, Annabelle Martella and Emilie Mendy selected about thirty stories of people who fell in love in online games. From these true stories, they wrote this podcast that retraces the fictional trajectories of Léa, Erwan and River (real name Morgane), three young adults who, far from the constraints of the outside world, explore their desires and who they really are


Norway    NRK


Emma moves into student bedsit no. 803, but her bedsit existence turns out very differently from her expectations. Emma is full of anticipation and motivation as she moves to the big city to study. She is allocated a newly refurbished bedsit, but both the newly painted walls and her student life soon start cracking up. She hears voices, someone is using her shower, she is attacked, and is haunted by increasingly terrifying nightmares. Emma is lonely and feels isolated, but refuses to accept help from her family. Several seemingly inexplicable phenomena occur. Is there something about bedsit 803, or does it all take place in Emma's head?



Pustolov u kavezu (Adventurer in a Cage)

Rastko Petrovic (1898–1949) was an avant–garde Yugoslav and Serbian poet, novelist, painter and intellectual. In his poems, he tried to capture the ambivalence of primordial powers of life and destructive modern civilisation. This mosaic drama starts with the poet reflecting on the innocence of a child who has just come out of its mother's womb. The poet continues his quest for innocence in the human society when he travels and meets natives from Africa. This radio drama is composed of the following poetic works by Rastko Petrovic: songs from the Revelationcycle, parts of the novel Day Sixth and People Speak, the Africa travelogue and the essay Youths of People's Genius. Adventurer in a Cage is the title of one of his poems which encapsulates his unconventional spirit and eagerness for freedom.



Före–Efter: Drottninggatan 2017
(Before–After: Drottninggatan 2017)

In Before–After: Drottninggatan 2017, we follow the movements of five fictitious individuals who all happen to be on Drottninggatan in the centre of Stockholm when terror strikes on April 2017. Chance alone determines what happens to them and what the ramifications are for each of them. Before–After is a series of radio dramas about turning points in Sweden's history, inspired by real events that changed Sweden forever – from a before to an after. Before–After is Swedish Radio Drama's biggest project yet.


United Kingdom    BBC

Endless Second

Two drama students, M and W, meet at college and start a loving, supportive relationship. But one drunken night, M has sex with W even though she says no. Initially she can't process what has happened; their relationship continues as normal. However, W becomes increasingly withdrawn and stressed. When W finally snaps and tells M that she has realised he raped her, M is horrified. He apologises for hurting her and they continue their relationship, awkwardly. When W demands that he use the term "rape" for what happened, he reacts badly and they split up. During the summer holidays they both confide in to their mothers. When they meet before the start of the new term, M apologises for raping W. W says that she has realised that she has to forgive him for her own peace of mind. There's a sense of closure between them.


United Kingdom    BBC


Everybody remembers the Siege, when for 24 hours the whole world watched a small London branch of a global supermarket chain. You've seen the news, the conspiracy blogs and Naomi's infamous Snap. Now for the first time the hostages tell the inside story of what really happened on those dark days in December. Episode 1: For 5 shoppers and a security guard, it's just another day in the supermarket – until a masked man walks in with a gun. With his Spiderman mask and voice changer he resembles a mutant superhero. There is not much money in the tills and he starts to get mad. He shuts the shutters and tries to smash open the cashpoint. He fails, then points the gun at the store manager. Former army sergeant Maggie decides to use a moment of confusion to disarm him, but it all goes horribly wrong.


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