2022 Radio Documentary and Reportage Shortlist

10 settembre 2022 ore 18:25

Australia    ABC

The Kabul Diaries

Ghezal is a journalist in Afghanistan and when her city, Mazar i Sharif, falls to the Taliban, they come looking for her. She escapes with her young family to Kabul, joining the desperate crowds at the airport trying to flee the country. Unable to board a plane, Ghezal goes into hiding in a safe-house for journalists, and from there she begins to record her story on her phone. Intimate, immediate and compelling, Ghezal's recordings capture her fear and bewilderment as her world collapses, and she must leave all that she has known and loved behind.


Canada    CBC/SRC

Le Vanuatu menacé par les changements climatiques
(Vanuatu Threatened by Climate Change)

In addition to being at the top of the list of the most dangerous countries in the world in terms of natural hazards, Vanuatu, an archipelago of 83 islands and 300,000 inhabitants located in the South Pacific, is among the most dangerous small nations. threatened by climate change. On the front line of the political fight to make those responsible – the big polluters – pay, the Ni-vans also draw from Kastom (custom) the solutions to face the challenges of the modern world.


Croatia    HRT

Što smo morale raditi za 50 Kuna
(What We Had to Do for 50 Kuna – 6 Euros)

This radio documentary deals with the case of underage prostitution in the Home for Children and Youth in Osijek, which was discovered in 2009. Through the recollection of the Investigative Journalist Drago Hedl, who exposed this story, and through the confessions of direct witnesses, we learn about some, to this day, unknown events. As the Journalist Hedl points out, this story is not just Osijek or Croatia. It is obviously a public secret of many communities in which, already stigmatised and rejected children, are exploited for various desires and greed of adults in positions of power. This documentary also tells the story of Journalist Hedl and his actions and consequently his impossibility to bring all the culprits to justice with his writing



Gilles, ma sœur et moi (Gilles, My Sister and I)

Mathilde lives in western France with her son Léon and her partner Corentin. Between restaurant shifts, she likes to enjoy life as much as anyone else. But Mathilde doesn't look or sound like everyone else. She has vocal and motor tics. And it's all because of Gilles de la Tourette and the syndrome named after him. Camille, Mathilde's little sister, decides to investigate this intruder who burst into their family without warning. Who is he really? How did he get in? And how did Mathilde learn to live with him so well? Along the French coastline, at the table around a Sunday roast or on a walk on the beach, Mathilde and Camille go on a journey to discover Gilles, the guy who disturbs their daily lives. A family story that questions our relationship to disabilities and what we consider "normal".


Germany    ARD

Babys für die Welt – Das Geschäft mit ukrainischen Leihmüttern
(Babies for the World – The Business with Ukrainian Surrogate Mothers)

The father has ordered a girl. When it becomes clear that the child will be a boy, she is urged to have an abortion. She is told that it has a genetic defect. Yet the tests were unremarkable. The foetus develops completely normally. Baby bliss at a bargain price – from 39,900 euros, with a money-back guarantee. Ukraine has become a low-budget baby factory, attracting couples from all over the world with an unfulfilled desire to have a child. But behind the cheerful pink and blue advertising lies a merciless business. Using all means of reproductive medicine and often in a legal grey area, children are delivered as ordered. The fact that something goes wrong is not part of the plan. What is left behind are prematurely born, handicapped children and incapacitated women for whom the dream of big money becomes a nightmare.


Ireland    RTÉ

Documentary On One: I'll Send You Butterflies

Until October 2019 Margaret Tynan was a healthy, active woman in her seventies. Still working part-time, she spent the rest of her time travelling, reading, volunteering and minding her grandchildren. After months of investigations, on 12th March 2020, Margaret was given a shocking and terminal diagnosis – Motor Neuron Disease. Even though Margaret and her family had heard of MND, they knew little about it. They soon learned that this rare, rapid and fatal condition attacks the nerves, eventually locking you into your own body. On hearing her diagnosis, Margaret and her family agreed that Margaret's daughter Mary-Elaine would record the family's journey in the weeks and months ahead. What followed is a profoundly raw and emotional journey of a woman and her family who must navigate these seismic changes in life.



Manipulatören (The Manipulator)

14-year-old Amanda chats with student Douglas every day. He looks good in his profile picture, and he's a good listener. Now, they've decided to meet. Amanda is getting ready when she suddenly receives threatening text messages from an unknown sender saying that nudes of her will be spread. The Manipulator is a story that goes back over 20 years. A story about how the same man keeps committing crimes against children again and again, without being stopped. The five–part documentary series The Manipulator has garnered a lot of attention in Sweden, and the government has initiated legal changes in connection with its broadcast.


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