02 settembre 2020 ore 14:14

Is International Cooperation the Future for Media Productions?


June 15 - 10:30-12:30

Stelline Foundation, Sala Leonardo | Corso Magenta, 61



In the digital age, coproductions have become crucially important for Broadcasters and Broadcaster Associations, as systematic cooperation is "the" key strategy to be competitive in a global media landscape where the OTTs have huge financial power. This panel will showcase and discuss some of the most successful coproduction models and strategies among broadcasters in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.


Introduction and Moderator:
  • Monica Maggioni, Rai Journalist


  • Simona Martorelli, Director International Relations and European Affairs Rai
  • Claudio Cappon, COPEAM Secretary General
  • Noel Curran, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Director General
  • Henrik Hartmann, Nordvision Secretary General


Language: English, Italian translation
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