The Prix Italia Master Classes

15 gennaio 2021 ore 13:13

Digital Storytelling and Cross-Platform Programming Strategies 

Secrets, Death and Instagram, DR (Denmark)
Prix Italia 2020 Web Factual Award

February 11, 2021 - 10:00-11:30 CET

A young woman, Maja Luna, took her own life. This is not just her story. There is much more, and more terrible, going on. A network of at least a thousand young women, who share their pictures and thoughts of self-mutilation, pain and even suicide. To get more likes and comments - hurt your-self. People have posted images of train tracks, rope and the like, moments before their end. Appar-ently, nobody knew. Not the professionals, who never looked at their patient’s phones. Not Insta-gram management, who did not react to users’ red flags. This story helped change that. Profession-als are now actively educating each other about social media. Instagram in Scandinavia changed their strategy and started deleting posts and images about self-harm and suicide.
“Secrets, Death and Instagram” has been conceived as a cross-platform project and it’s realization has been involving various departments of Danish public broadcaster DR. 
It includes a TV documentary, a digital interactive and immersive story on the web, and a mul-ti-media article series on DR’s web portal, with advice for young people at risk and their social environment. 
In this  Master Class, the award winning authors will give participants a deeper understanding on how they conceived and produced the project, and which were the main results achieved.


Guest Speakers:


Kim Schou, Editor Digital Storytelling, DR

Kim Schou pioneered digital storytelling in Denmark and was the first to create fully designed and coded journalistic longform articles in Denmark. He has gone on to win more than 25 Danish and international awards for his work with interactive and immersive digital storytelling. Kim always puts the story first and applies and equal focus on writing, design and user experience in the journal-istic stories he produces these days as Editor of Digital Storytelling in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, where he has worked for the past three years with a small, dedicated “Dream Team”.





Maria Lyhne Høj, Journalist, DR Documentary 

Maria Lyhne Høj - journalist at the DR Documentary, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, since 2015. Until 2015 investigative journalist at the News Department, DR. Is behind award-winning documentaries and TV-news stories. Educated from Danish School of Media and Journalism and from the University of Copenhagen, sociology and anthropology, in 2012.


Master Class Editorial Development and Moderation:


Markus Nikel, International Advisor, RAI

Markus has a long standing international experience in the field of documentary and digital media. For the EBU, he has served various times as an Editorial Supervisor and Executive Producer of fac-tual coproductions. Markus has been moderating workshops in Europe and abroad, including mas-terclasses with Oscar winning Directors at GZDoc in Guangzhou, China’s biggest Documentary Festival, and professional sessions at the IPCM conference at NHK’s Japan Prize in Tokyo. He regularly conducts coproduction workshops with COPEAM in Rome and with ASBU in Tunis and has also worked with TAL in Latin America.

Irina Stoilova, Prix Italia Staff


The Prix Italia Master Classes are presented in collaboration with Rai Academy.

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