Web Interactive Shortlist

15 luglio 2020 ore 16:15
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Time to Question

Time to Question is first and foremost a big participative project open to the world. It's about our hopes and dreams, but also our fears and concerns for the future. The results will feed into bold new documentaries by young European filmmakers in the Autumn.




Two years after her mother's death, Lise returns to the family house. The reunion with her father is soon interrupted by a presence. It interferes with their relationship, taking sides. Ørðesa differs from most interactive movies, in that you cannot chose what happens next. You are part of the story not as a player controlling an actor, but only as a ghostly entity, influencing things by looking at them and just moving around... and therefore changing the way the two main protagonists behave.




Follow two teenagers filming their urban exploration of Paris' underground labyrinth. Discover how two lawyers will have to help a wounded man. Support Nora looking for her lover throughout the city. None of them knows that yet, but in a few moments, a terrorist attack will change their lives, weaving their destinies forever. République is a new kind of movie unfolding through three simultaneous video feeds, each one mimics a social media live feed.



Blautopf VR - Exploring Cave Worlds / The Secrets of Lau

The virtual reality of Blautopf VR makes the hidden world of the cave system underneath the Swabian mountains accessible to the public for the first time. With the help of photogrammetry, the experience features authentic footage from the inside the cave worlds, realistic as in a documentary. But Blautopf VR is not only breaking new ground on a visual level. Users will immerse in a sophisticated fictional universe, born from the union between a researcher's mindset and the mystery of legends. In Exploring Cave Worlds the geologist Paul takes you on a 360° tour through the caves. In the interactive adventure game The Secrets of Lau, your point of view is that of Lotta, a young cave explorer and Paul's girlfriend. Experience an adventure in the mysterious realms of the mermaid called Lau.



Experience Tokyo Megaquake

This project was the first major scale disaster prevention drill involving coordinated TV and digital technologies. The event starts from the premise that Tokyo is hit by a major earthquake. Viewers are presented with a very realistic experience of the ensuing disruption, and the tough decisions arising from the need to survive. Drama, documentary and news programs detail very specific developments and likely damage. The event also focuses on what needs to be done to save lives, and on the need for prevention and mitigation efforts on a personal level. The ongoing simulated disaster, in addition to the know-how on disaster prevention and mitigation, are conveyed through social platforms and the web.




How to tell an Iraqi war story so that it becomes palpable for a Dutch citizen? The online interactive project IaMosul answers that. This experience creates a reality similar to the lives of the people of Mosul. Except, instead of an unknown city, the tragic adventure unfolds in the recognisable streets of a Dutch city. It all starts with a group of militants taking over the hometown of the user. Suddenly, you are confronted with a series of life-defining decisions. Who to trust? Where to go? And what to take with you? By translating the Mosul situation to a Dutch context, the user gets a glimpse of what it means to have to flee your city and to find yourself at the whim of random people deciding your fate. All the way during this experience you can consult the "Reality Check": here you can find the true stories of Mosul.



School with TVP

A multiplatform educational project enabling children to participate in everyday lessons and test their knowledge during Covid-19 quarantine. 1,600 lessons from all the core curriculum subjects were presented online and on-air, on the five linear TVP channels, and made available as Vod on szkola.tvp.pl. Besides regular classes, a special virtual channel dedicated to history and literature was created in cooperation with the Warsaw Uprising Museum. During the TV broadcast viewers had the chance to test their knowledge of the subject by taking the quizzes displayed in real time, thanks to the interactive HBB quiz application. Over 500 quizzes covering 13 core curriculum subjects are available on the szkola.tvp.pl website. The project was established in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education.



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