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15 luglio 2020 ore 16:07
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Secrets, Death, Instagram

A young woman, Maja Luna, took her own life. This is not just her story. There is much more, and more terrible, going on, as we discover in this visually elegant and inventive piece of storytelling. A network of at least a thousand young women, who share their pictures and thoughts of self mutilation, pain and even suicide. To get more likes and comments - hurt yourself. People have posted images of train tracks, rope and the like, moments before their end. Apparently, nobody knew. Not the professionals, who never looked at their patient's phones. Not Instagram management, who did not react to users' red flags. This story helped change that. Professionals are now actively educating each other about social media. Instagram in Scandinavia changed their strategy and started deleting posts and images about self-harm and suicide.



3,6 Million Votes Cast. This Is How They Changed the Political Landscape

On June 6th 2019, DR published an interactive graphic showing the big picture: how was the election won - and lost? The project was a massive success and drew a lot of attention from both users and professionals. It was called "the only infographic you need to see if you want to understand how the Danes voted on June 5th". One in ten Danes viewed this project. We had the ambition to go online with an overview of the election results within 12 hours after the last vote was counted. Our strategy was careful planning. As we got the first results around midnight, a group of journalists, designers and developers started to analyse the data, looking for patterns, finding surprising details while also creating an impressive visual overview with a new, deeper insight. Exactly 12 hours after the election we managed to publish the story.



Why 10 Year Old Tanya Lozova Showed the Throat Slash Gesture to Mayor of Moscow Region?

Hundreds of ordinary people are fighting against a big Moscow-based waste management company in a remote Northern village: Shies in Arkhangel's Region. Local people have organized a permanent camp on the building site and blocked it. From time to time a physical confrontation with the police and security staff occurs. The company aims to build Europe's largest refuse dump in Shies, 1,200 km from Moscow. The idea is to bring Moscow waste to Arctic Circle, because in Moscow and surroundings people are protesting for environmental and health issues due to the outdated Soviet-era dump pits. But now work has halted because of local uprising, which local activists call a war. Fights in Shies have become a symbol of the collapsing waste management and corruption in Russia.




The memory of the Reunification of Germany often narrows down to Mauerfall, November 9th 1989, and Deutsche Wiedervereinigung, October 3rd 1990. While these dates are important, they alone can't do justice to this historical event. There is more: November 4th, when hundred of thousands of protesters marched Alexanderplatz in East-Berlin, not knowing whether Military would interfere. Or December 22nd, when for the first time in decades the people could pass through the Brandenburg Gate. These stories are not untold, but they are unheard by young people who weren't even born in the fall of 1989. Wende_rewind now allows them to experience these extraordinary times that they have not witnessed in person.



Divided Family - Korean Diaspora Project

KBS conveyed the pain of separation to the entire nation through a KBS special live broadcast program, Finding Dispersed Families - the UNESCO Memory of the World - first launched on June 30th, 1983. KBS plans to establish a global digital library to inform all generations across the world on the importance of peace in the Korean Peninsula, through the keyword "Divided Family" in 2019. The history of divided families is one to be shared to bring healing all around the world. At the same time KBS received a proposal for an exhibition, to be held later in 2020, from a public center in Germany: we are currently working out the details and the conditions.



A Thousand Women Murdered

A thousand women murdered. A thousand lives snatched away by macho violence. This interactive project aims to explain who they were and how they lived before they became victims of gender violence in Spain - a country where official records go back to January 2003. If you google up their names you will merely find how they died, but not a single detail about their jobs, their hobbies, their dreams... And you won't find what happened to their murderers either: their names are often omitted in the news, even when they end up being convicted. More than 20 people, including journalists, developers, designers, data analysers and TV directors have worked together to create one of the most ambitious database about violence against women in Spain, reporting about the lives of all the official victims in our country.




The Scientists Icons episode featured four of the 20th Century's greatest minds: Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Alan Turing and Tu Youyou. Digital assets outlined their achievements and encouraged audience voting, while Chris Packham championed them in the broadcast programme. Digital and broadcast came together perfectly in the live final, when Chris' impassioned speech championing Alan Turing prompted a flood of votes on the series website, securing Turing the title Greatest Icon of the 20th Century. A social clip of the speech subsequently had 8.3m views on Facebook, while the Winners card, announcing Turing's victory, clocked 1.4m impressions on Twitter. The Scientists episode and Final showed how the digital and broadcast content could work symbiotically together to drive audience interest, engagement and satisfaction.



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