YLAB is a Prix Italia educational platform open over the course of the Festival to students of the town or city hosting the event. The aim is to promote an exchange of views between youngsters and the array of international experts attending the Festival, inviting them to actively join in the debate, also with a presentation of their multimedia projects.

Taking part in his year’s YLAB are post-graduate and Master’s degree students from a number of prestigious universities and academies in Milan.
Our intention is to not merely offer them the opportunity to report about a major international event such as Prix Italia and its discussion on “Back to Facts” versus post-truths and fake news, but also to ask them to speak to our guests, who have arrived in Milan from the four corners of the globe, about the city.
The students attending the Master’s course in Journalism of the Statale University are producing a work on “Milan, Open City to Knowledge and Integration”, a project concentrating on the daily experiences of a foreign student on the one hand and of a young immigrant on the other. Students attending a Master’s course in Journalism at the Cattolica University are presenting a multi-media “Dictionary of Milan” project, focusing on a visual representation of the city, via a series of key Milanese words. New Architecture is the idea for another project currently under discussion with students from the Politecnico.
During the Festival, other members of Prix Italia’s YLAB, flanked by a Rai coach, will be reporting about the issues, protagonists, debates on Prix Italia’s web site and social media.

The reporting on Milan and the Festival will be further enhanced by the perspectives offered by three young foreign filmmakers who have been selected by broadcasting organisations, members of Copeam.
Finally, the Academy of Brera is taking part with an Augmented Reality Project in cooperation with the Set Design Department of Rai’s TV Production Centre in Milan.