Documentary on One No Time to Lose (RTÉ, Ireland)

Katie Cooke has had epilepsy (brain disorder) since the age of 9 and suffers about 15 seizures every day. Katie is more than her illness though. Katie is also a runner and running is something that has become much more than just exercise for her, it has become a lifeline. Two years ago, 17 year old Katie left hospital in a fragile condition, confined to a wheelchair. Since then, she has made an incredible recovery – one that she owes in large part to her running. In short, running has transformed Katie’s life. Running and training have become a way for her to gain control over her body, a body that frequently controls her. We follow Katie over three months as she prepares to run the Dublin City Half Marathon.

This is a inspiring story about a strong young woman that has to live her life with an illness that is inflicting every part of her existence. In ”Documentary on One: No Time To Lose”, we as a jury felt very connected to her story, partly due to the sound design and the elegant structure in the documentary. We get to learn about the character from different angles: from her family to her doctor. The scenes are intimate, lively, realistic, and recorded on location, and this puts the listener straight into the story. The narration is short, fluent and without pathos. ”Documentary on One: No Time To Lose” is a well crafted documentary that keeps the listeners’ attention from the start to the end.

The Jury:
Elisabeth Stratka (ORF, Austria), Maren Plaghki (VRT, Belgium), Ayse Dudu Tepe (Radio24syv, Denmark), Alessandra Scaglioni (Radio24, Italy), Akiko Ogasawara (NHK, Japan), Minhea Chelariu (ROR, Romania), Terezia Simanova (RTVS, Slovakia), Ylva Lindgren (Sveriges Radio, Sweden)

The President:
Ayse Dudu Tepe (Radio24syv, Denmark)

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