2021 Web Interactive Shortlist

21 aprile 2021 ore 16:14
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Ježíškova vnoucata
(Santa's Grandchildren)

In Czechia, there are over half a million elderly people who are lonely. At the same time, there are dozens if not hundreds of thousands of people willing to offer their time, genuine interest and their family environment to the elderly. Santa's Grandchildren is a digital platform working from 2017 that makes it possible to connect the stories of lonely elderly people with donors who fulfil their Christmas wishes, be it material things or experiences. Frequently, the relationship goes beyond the fulfilling of the wish and there is a genuine invitation to meet in person. Over its four-year existence Santa's Grandchildren helped to fulfill over 67 thousand Christmas wishes, built trusted brand and a strong social network community eager to join again next year and inspired people beyond the border, as far as in Italy and Slovakia.


(Fish Bingo)

Fish Bingo was a spectacular shared cross media live event. All Danes were invited to download and print a free bingo plate from DR's generator and start playing when the show began. Whoever got a full plate won the grand prize. 110.000 watched and 42.000 visitors joined the website to take active part in the game. During the show 90 fishermen on 10 different locations wore a white vest with numbers 1-90 and cameras. A fish was caught: pling! Their vest number appeared on TV. During the show, numbers grew until we had a lucky winner. 71 fishes were caught in 108 minutes. Stories: Urban youngster groups took up fishing, soldiers with PTSD regained sanity fishing, doctors prescribed fish trips instead of medicine. Fish Bingo is for nature lovers and a cosy home game, not an urge to hunt fish and harm nature!



ARTE FAQ is a show published on Snapchat that deals with societal issues. It starts with the realisation that our young audience question themselves a lot: about identity, the relation to one's body, ecology, feminism, romantic relationships, etc. So, each week, our episode begins with a question. To answer them, we give the floor to young people, who deliver strong testimonies, and to citizens who got involved after having experienced an injustice. These two types of speakers mirror our audience, who can recognise itself in their story, their words, and come out with tools to take position on the subject. Finally, we like to conclude our episodes with expert interviews (psychologists, academics, authors) to provide context and open up other perspectives for reflection.


Tatort – Das Interaktive Hörspiel, Episode 1: Höllenfeuer"
("Tatort – The Interactive Radio Play, Episode 1: Hellfire")

The listener plays maverick new detective Mavi Fuchs on her quest to foil a major terrorist plot targeting Munich's famous Oktoberfest. Mavi has to gain the trust of her colleagues while trying to solve three interconnected mysteries.


#Suzu-san here & there
(#Suzu-san here&there)

#Suzu-san here&there is a cross-platform project aimed at passing on memories of war to young people. Suzu-san is the name of the protagonist in a movie that vividly depicts ordinary people's everyday lives during war - lives full of human emotion. NHK invited young people through many of its TV and Radio programmes, to ask elderly people to share memories of their wartime lives and contribute the stories via SNS. Online news outlets endorsed the project's goals and used their own platforms. NHK turned submitted stories into illustrations and short animations and shared them widely via the Web. Young people contributed with more than 3,000 stories which resulted in a new social movement. NHK also held online workshops that connected students nationwide so they could discuss and create new ways to pass on memories of the war.


P2s Valborgskör
(The P2 Walpurgis Choir)

Normally Walpurgis Night on April 30 is a festival that is celebrated with traditional bonfires all around Sweden to greet spring on its return and not least greet it with a song. But the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to all festivities and public gatherings. P2 decided to attempt to turn the negative emotions into something more positive and offer everyone who is longing to sing an opportunity to participate. Listeners were invited to record themselves on their smartphones and send the films to us, so that we subsequently could put all the individual singers into one huge choir. The response from the listeners was overwhelming and the fact that Sweden has so many active choir singers was evident: in less than a week, more than 700 listeners sent their films. It also became a virtual success with more than 1.2 million viewings!


Life Drawing Live!: Pose Cam

Life Drawing Live! is a ground-breaking 2-hour arts event broadcast during lockdown in May 2020. Our presenter and experts were joined by 9 on-screen amateur artists, but we wanted to inspire and enable viewers around the UK to draw along with us, so we created the unique Pose Cam. This was a single camera providing an uninterrupted view of each model's pose, ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Viewers accessed Pose Cam via the Red Button on their remote, or the BBC Arts live page. They could then upload their work and a selection of drawings were featured on the show with our experts providing feedback. This helped to create a sense of inclusion and encouraged amateur artists of all abilities to take part and inspired many others to pick up a pencil and draw for the first time.

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