2021 Web Fiction Shortlist

21 aprile 2021 ore 16:14
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"Normal" doesn't mean anything, and Nico knows that. There is nothing wrong with being different. So, at sixteen, she convinces herself that she's just suffering from a little bit of typical teenage anxiety. But the problem with Nico is not that she has no friends or that Valentina is bullying her. The problem with her is reality. She cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is in her head. Following a strong hallucinatory episode, Nico is admitted to a psychiatric clinic. There, she meets a group of friends with whom she embarks on a difficult but important journey toward self- acceptance and growth.



15 year-old Esther tries to stay optimistic when her country is occupied by the Germans during World War II. When being Jewish becomes a threat to her life she has two options: surrendering to the enemy or hiding her true identity. Our multi-platform series Oorlog-stories (War-Stories) is based on the book The Story of Edith by Edith van Hessen, the diary she kept as a teenager during the war. What if Edith (Esther) had used social media to share her voice? The story of a young girl that could have been your classmate, your friend. Or even, she could have been you.


Bitwa Warszawska 1920
(1920 Battle of Warsaw)

In August 1920, on the line of the Vistula river, Poles stopped the Bolshevik onslaught, the aim of which was to destroy the existing world order. Europe was thus saved from the threat of revolutionary terror. Edgar Vincent D'Abernon called this clash the 18th decisive battle of the world. This is what the www.bitwa1920.gov.pl narrative project created with both the visitors from Poland and abroad in mind and available in seven languages - is all about. Its users will learn more about the history of the battle itself, but also about the genesis of the events taking account of World War I, the October Revolution and the Polish–Soviet War, as well as the most important figures and motivations of both sides of the conflict. On the website, we present cultural contexts as well as little-known yet interesting historical facts.


TVP Kultura 2 Channel

TVP Kultura 2 is an online thematic channel of Telewizja Polska, which was launched on June 26, 2020. The platform is available on-line, with no commercials, and using it is completely free and requires no additional software. The range of cultural and artistic offer includes classical music concerts, operas and ballets, as well as jazz, rock and alternative music. Art and cultural magazines are regularly broadcasted, reporting and promoting the most important cultural events. TVP Kultura 2 presents films that show the achievements of Polish, European and world cinematography. The mission of TVP Kultura 2 is to provide access to culture at the highest level for the widest possible audience. The platform works not only to respond to trends, but most of all to respond to needs.



At a time of global uncertainty due to the pandemic, Riders adds an even more universal period of uncertainty: the transition to maturity. From a comedy point of view, the series presents young people who are looking for themselves: a developer capable of seeing reality as a strategy game, a rapper who dreams of succeeding, but who loses her ideals, an addict to sneakers that cannot resist every novelty in the market and also, two drug dealers (one dreams of being Jeff Bezos and the other, an influencer). While the mystery about the death of a gang rider is solved, the protagonists will also have to solve another mystery just as big: what they want from life. And the most difficult: at what price to get it.


Metta da fein

A series of mysterious animal murders shakes the village peace. While the bored village policeman Aldo suspects a gang of youths, the God-fearing Elvira is convinced that the village is haunted by the Metta da fein - a mystical figure from an old, cruel legend. More and more animals fall victim to the brutal perpetrator. When the animal killer does not even shy away from pets, the mayor takes Aldo off the case. Since the priest still refuses to listen to Elvira, she attacks him during the service. Humiliated, she wants to leave the village with her submissive son Linus. Linus, on the other hand, seeks consolation from the priest. While Aldo guards the empty village, the traditional Mister Chatscha election takes place in the gym. When disaster strikes, it is up to him to prevent the worst.


Swan Lake Bath Ballet

Set to Tchaikovsky's famous swan theme, 27 elite ballet dancers from renowned dance companies perform a modern-day, viral, Swan Lake from their own baths. Corey worked with dancers across the globe to choreograph and film Swan Lake Bath Ballet completely remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the film, Baker's quirky choreography is performed in baths from New Zealand to South Africa, America to Hong Kong, Australia to the UK. Swan Lake Bath Ballet was filmed on smart phones, directed by Corey from his bathroom in the UK.

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