2021 Web Factual Shortlist

21 aprile 2021 ore 16:14
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Plus trente deux (+32)
(Plus Thirty-Two (+32))

Their names are Phung, Georges, Palma, Arnold, Mehdi and Alvin. They're from Vietnam, Syria, Ecuador, Albania, Morocco and Congo and have one thing in common: Belgium has become their home. The first thing people do when they arrive in a new country is get a phone number. Plus Thirty-Two is Belgium's dial-in code. Plus Thirty-Two is also the name of an Instagram series that tells stories of immigration and integration, in a poetic, optimistic manner, and with a very special Belgian touch. It offers multicultural, polyglot slices of lives in the form of a documentary series made of photographs, videos, animations, in a storytelling designed for Instagram consumption.


Trolls, à visages découverts (Ep 1)

Trolls are everywhere, but you never see them. Scourge of our online conversations for some, hero of the free Internet for others, this figure polarizes as much as it fascinates. And yet, no one has ever seen the face of a troll. We don't know how many they are, what motivates them let alone what they look like. With Trolls, we discover the human beings behind these virtual identities. A rare and unique journey with uncovered face in one of the gray areas of freedom of expression on the Internet.


safespace – Dein Team für intime Themen
(safespace – Your Team for Intimate Topics)

Is TikTok just about dancing? Nope. @safespace.offiziell has answers to all questions about body and mental health that are really important to young female, trans or non-binary users: whether it's about menstruation, body hair or school stress. In short, tight videos, the five hosts from safespace by rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) offer orientation, information and empowerment - beyond common gender and beauty norms and always with medically sound information. safespace is not only aimed at the heteronormative, white average society - but also at all people who have the feeling that they do not belong. The main channel is TikTok, yet safespace is cross-media. You can listen to safespace on the radio programme at Fritz, read articles on the website or watch videos on television in the health programme rbb Praxis.


Die Hassmaschine
(The Hate Machine)

Incitement to murder, Nazi imagery and Holocaust denial - an exclusive analysis of 2.6 million posts and comments from right-wing Facebook groups shows how Facebook is failing to address hate speech on the Internet.


Music Curation Battle: AI vs. Human

One of the most listened to radio shows in Korea organised a special project to explore how data based music curation by AI (Artificial Intelligence) fares in comparison with the music choices made by humans that are more sensitive to emotional sides. The project focused on how to make a good entertainment programme out of this competition, showcasing the ways the new technology works for radio shows. Through this process, the team presented various approaches to the pleasure of listening to music and radio, rather than a competition in which human and artificial intelligence battle out to proclaim a winner. It introduced listeners to wider and more interesting ways of music curation.


De examenklas van 2020
(The Graduation Class of 2020)

Because of Covid-19 there will be no national school-leaving exam for the first time in 75 years. In The Graduation Class of 2020, NOS Stories follows a group of 25 students who show us their world in a time when everything is different and the only certainty is that this will be their last year at school. With The Graduation Class of 2020 NOS Stories wants to make all 200,000 school leavers aware of the fact that they are now part of the daily news. NOS Stories shows them the meaning of the news and questions those responsible for the consequences of their decisions. Because of Covid-19 many things that are typical of a graduation year, such as the gala and the diploma ceremony, were cancelled. Interactive tools make sure that students can still experience these rituals and conclude their final year in a positive way.


Get Creative at Home Masterclasses

Sir Antony Gormley is one of Britain's leading artists and sculptors, world renowned for his depictions of the human body and for creating the Angel of the North. In this masterclass for the BBC, working in isolation, Antony shows us how to create a drawing using simple materials - water, pigment and paper. Gormley reflects on what this lockdown means to him and how we can all find ways to be creative. It is filmed by his wife Vicken Parsons.

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