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15 gennaio 2021 ore 13:13


Radio Documentary and Podcast

LABANOF. Nameless Bodies from the Bottom of Mediterranean
RAI Radio 3 (Italy)
Prix Italia 2020 Radio Documentary and Reportage Award

March 18, 2021 - 10:00-11:30 CET

LABANOF is the name of the forensic anthropology and odontology laboratory of the University of Milan, where Professor Cristina Cattaneo along with a team of odontologists, archeologists, biologists and anthropologists, works to identify nameless bodies. The lab has solved some of the most controversial post-mortem identification cases in recent Italian history, but in June 2015 a phone call faced them with the biggest challenge yet: the shipwreck of April 18, 2015, one of the worst tragedies in the Mediterranean. LABANOF was charged with the job of giving a name to each of the victims. The mission began, and as of today, the lab is still engaged in the study and the cataloging of thousands of remains and personal belongings. Restituting an identity to all of the dead means restoring their dignity and it gives answers to those who remain. 

You can listen to the original (Italian) broadcast in podcast here

Guest Speakers:


Fabiana Carobolante, Author and Producer, Rai Radio 3
Fabiana Carobolante works at Radio3 since 2002. She is an author and curator of the programs AD ALTA VOCE and TRE SOLDI.


Daria Corrias, Author and Producer, Rai Radio 3 
Daria Corrias is an author, senior producer, commissioning Editor at programme slot TRE SODIS/Radio 3.

  Giulia Nucci, Author and Producer, Rai Radio 3
Giulia Nucci is an author and producer at TRE SOLDI/Radio 3 and a curator of LA NOTTE DI RADIO3, a program dedicated to radio archives.

  Raffaele Passerini, Author and Producer, Rai Radio 3
Raffaele Passerini is an author and documentary director, and teaches filmmaking. Among his works, the documentary IL PRINCIPE DI OSTIA BRONX/THE PRINCE OF OSTIA BRONX, which was awarded at the Biografilm Festival 2017.

  Riccardo Amorese
Riccardo Amorese is a composer and a music producer. He has composed music for film, TV and other media in Italy, France and in the United States. 



Master Class Editorial Development and Moderation:


Markus Nikel, International Advisor, RAI

Markus has a long standing international experience in the field of documentary and digital media. For the EBU, he has served various times as an Editorial Supervisor and Executive Producer of fac-tual coproductions. Markus has been moderating workshops in Europe and abroad, including mas-terclasses with Oscar winning Directors at GZDoc in Guangzhou, China’s biggest Documentary Festival, and professional sessions at the IPCM conference at NHK’s Japan Prize in Tokyo. He regularly conducts coproduction workshops with COPEAM in Rome and with ASBU in Tunis and has also worked with TAL in Latin America.

Irina Stoilova, Prix Italia Staff




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