The Prix Italia Master Classes

15 gennaio 2021 ore 13:13

Cross-Platform Production and Programming 

Experience Tokyo Megaquake, NHK (Japan)
Prix Italia 2020 Web Interactive Award

February 25, 2021 - 10:00-11:30 CET


This project was the first major scale disaster prevention drill involving coordinated TV and digital technologies. The event starts from the premise that Tokyo is hit by a major earthquake. Viewers are presented with a very realistic experience of the ensuing disruption, and the tough decisions arising from the need to survive. Drama, documentary and news programs detail very specific developments and likely damage. The event also focuses on what needs to be done to save lives, and on the need for prevention and mitigation efforts on a personal level. The ongoing simulated disaster, in addition to the know-how on disaster prevention and mitigation, are conveyed through social platforms and the web. 


Guest Speakers:


Shinya Ide, Executive Producer, NHK

With many years of production experience at the forefront of cross-platform storytelling and programming, Shinya was responsible for the overall production management, including the cooperation between the various NHK departments involved.





Asako Kume, Senior Producer, NHK 

As a Senior Producer at NHK, Asako  has in the past conceived and overlooked many flagship projects, including international co-productions in the field of factual and documentaries. In this award winning cross-platform project, Asako took care of communication design, promotion, and events related to the initiative.


Master Class Editorial Development and Moderation:


Markus Nikel, International Advisor, RAI

Markus has a long standing international experience in the field of documentary and digital media. For the EBU, he has served various times as an Editorial Supervisor and Executive Producer of fac-tual coproductions. Markus has been moderating workshops in Europe and abroad, including mas-terclasses with Oscar winning Directors at GZDoc in Guangzhou, China’s biggest Documentary Festival, and professional sessions at the IPCM conference at NHK’s Japan Prize in Tokyo. He regularly conducts coproduction workshops with COPEAM in Rome and with ASBU in Tunis and has also worked with TAL in Latin America.

Irina Stoilova, Prix Italia Staff


You can also follow the Master Classes in live streaming on the Prix Italia web-site.

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