Radio Documentary and Reportage Shortlist

15 luglio 2020 ore 12:39
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Robert Manne's Voice

An intimate radio portrait of one of Australia's leading public figures, the Historian, Social Commentator and Writer, Robert Manne, in the wake of life saving surgery for throat cancer. A highly regarded voice speaking out on Indigenous issues, climate change, and refugees, he now says wryly, "Everything I say sounds like a secret". To his wife Anne he sounds like Leonard Cohen. Philosopher Raimund Gaita even purchased expensive hearing aids to maintain the continuing conversation with his oldest friend. Long fascinated with voice as the essence of radio communication, Producer Robyn Ravlich has made this candid, observational, poetic and deeply philosophical documentary. An exploration of voice, identity and resilience whilst living consciously on borrowed time.



Aurukun: Black, White and Shades of Grey

A story of heartbreak, a journey across Australia to take an Aboriginal child home, a bitter court case and, in the middle of it all, two people who loved their child. The location is Aurukun, an Indigenous community in far north Queensland, which is on the traditional country of the Wik peoples. This is the setting for the relationship between Dorothy Pootchemunka, a senior Wik woman, Dave Martin, a white engineer turned anthropologist, and their son Bruce Martin. Their complex family story might be seen as a metaphor for the difficult relationship between First Nations people in Australia and the European colonisers. What is it like to live between two very different cultures, bound together by land, lore and love? As Bruce Martin says, "it's not all black and white, it's many shades of grey in our particular story."



Hunting Warhead

How do you take down a criminal network that's hidden in the shadows? How do you rescue child abuse victims who could be anywhere in the world? "Hunting Warhead" follows the journalists and police on a global mission to expose the darkest corners of the internet. What they discover shocks them. Host Daemon Fairless tracks down the investigators, survivors and criminals themselves. A co-production of CBC Podcasts and the Norwegian newspaper VG.



On the Bloody Trail of a Dane

'On the Bloody Trail of a Dane', is the compelling story about a Danish serial killer. Compelling, because the story is told partly by the serial-killer himself, and partly by a wide range of people who were or could have been his victims. Moreover, the two journalists behind the story, Helle Maj and Jørn Stjerneklar, appear as the storytellers. We experience how this assignment was not only a difficult piece of investigative journalism, but how it also became a challenge for them on a personal and psychological level. "On the Bloody Trail of a Dane" became an instant success among Danish listeners. It was almost a given that fans of true crime would like the series, but a wider audience was also reached thanks to the complex psychological analysis that the story delivers.



Corona for Kids

When schools in Denmark closed down, "Corona for Kids" started: a new podcast made by children, for children and about children. Danish children at home and abroad talked about their experiences and thoughts during the corona outbreak. Editor-in-Chief and host is a 12-year-old Ezra. Various children who are "corona correspondents" reported on their everyday lives. For example, Mathilde talks about her home quarantine in Dubai, Sebastian reports on the first day of school in Bornholm, and Viola had her confirmation cancelled due to corona. All the recordings and elements are made by the children themselves and are recorded on a mobile phone and then sent to the editor-in-chief who has recorded speaks in the living room.



Once Upon A Father

A father drives his daughter to the station. They pass a car pulling a trailer, which reminds the daughter of childhood vacations spent with her father, mother and... godfather. Memories resurface. The man everyone called "Godfather," who has since died... Who was he really? Why did he take up so much space in the family? How about they take a DNA test to be sure once and for all? Nobody would have to know... "Once Upon A Father" is a first-person documentary, an investigation by Leslie Menahem, combining a family secret and a DNA test, folk songs and a shaman, a love triangle and the belief that our identity is always open to question, and that is not necessarily sad.



LABANOF. Nameless Bodies from the Bottom of Mediterranean

LABANOF is the forensic anthropology and odontology laboratory of the University of Milan, where professor Cristina Cattaneo along with a team of odontologists, archeologists, biologists and anthropologists, works to identify nameless bodies. The lab has solved some of the most controversial post-mortem identification cases in recent Italian history, but in June 2015 a phone call faced them with the biggest challenge yet: the shipwreck of April 18, 2015, one of the worst tragedies in the Mediterranean. LABANOF was charged with the job of giving a name to each of the victims. The mission began, and as of today, the lab is still engaged in the study and the cataloging of thousands of remains and personal belongings. Restituting an identity to all of the dead means restoring their dignity and it gives answers to those who remain.



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