25.09 Tuesday PRIX ITALIA Capri

Workshop: " Investigative Journalism in the Digital Era. Who Foots the Bill? " in cooperation with the Roberto Morrione Award
Moderator: Giacomo Mazzone, Head of Institutional Relations, EBU
Speakers: Claudia Campese, Director MeridioNews; Daniel Öhman, Swedish Radio Ekot Investigative Reporter; Edwy Plenel, Co-founder and Director of Mediapart;Francesco Piccinini, Director of;Sigfrido Ranucci, Author and Editor-in-Chief Report Rai 3
Which economic model is capable of guaranteeing quality journalist investigations and what is its impact on the independence and workings of democracy? Three models compete in the digital era: the traditional Public Services Media model, that is paid by advertising and another funded by subscribers.

Investigative Journalism Lecture
"How investigative journalism is changing in a global world. Sources, tools and risks"
Öhman , Swedish Radio Ekot Investigative Reporter


26.09 Wednesday PRIX ITALIA Capri

09:30-12:30, Grand Hotel Quisisana, Theatre
Official Opening of Prix Italia with jurors and international delegates
Jury Briefing


27.09 Thursday PRIX ITALIA Capri

09:00-10:00, Grand Hotel Quisisana, Sala Capri
Workshop: "The Alliance: the New Frontiers of European Co-production"
Moderator: Nick Vivarelli, Italy and Middle East Correspondent "Variety";
Speakers: Eleonora Andreatta, Director Rai Fiction; Takis Candilis, General Director Broadcasting and Programmes, France Télévisions; Simone Emmelius, Head of Drama, ZDF
In an ever-changing audio-visual market where new players are making their mark, three major European public service broadcasters - Rai (Italy), France Télévisions (France) and ZDF (Germany) - have recently reached agreement to establish an Alliance aimed at co-creating, financing and co-producing innovative and prestigious European television series capable of competing with the very best on the international scene today.
After hearing accounts from delegates from the three broadcasters, the panel intends examining the evolving scenario and ways of cooperating between European Public Service Televisions.

Workshop "Finding the Audience: Public Service Media and Platforms in the Digital Global Era" in cooperation with EBU
Speakers: Konstantina Bania, Senior Legal Counsel, EBU; Richard Burnley, Director of Legal and Policy, EBU; Renate Dörr, Regulatory Affairs - Legal Department/European Affairs, ZDF; Anna Lucas, Principal Standards and Audience Protection, Content & Media Policy Group, Ofcom
Already facing unheralded competition in the global content markets, PSM will increasingly depend on near monopoly online platforms for access to audience and strategic data in the future. There is a need for appropriate and effective regulation of online platforms to ensure that PSM can continue to fulfill its vital role for society.

Workshop " Public Service and Cross Media Productions: Responding to the Shift from Audience to Interactive Communities "
Brief Presentation: Giuseppe Solinas, Rai Journalist
Moderator: Giorgio Zanchini, Rai Journalist
Speakers: Noel Curran, Director-General, EBU; Monica Maggioni, Journalist, Rai Past President; Paolo Ruffini, Vatican Prefect for the Dicastery for Communication; Fran Unsworth, Director of News and Current Affairs, BBC.
Fast-paced changes in the media market have triggered a tsunami in the traditional broadcaster-audience relationship, demanding an entirely new approach to content production. Major broadcasters today are faced with the challenge of reorganising.

Presentation of the Prix Italia Digital Archive
Introduced by: Graham Ellis, President of Prix Italia
Speakers: Maria Pia Ammirati, Director Rai Teche; Frank Freiling, ZDF, Honorary President of Prix Italia; Roberto Sergio, Director Radio Rai; Sherif Abdel Wahab, Director Cultural Network National Media Authority, Egypt and other international guests

Lecture BBC
"Keeping up: New Trends, New Challenges and the Public Service Media's Contribution to a Healthy Modern Society"
Jean-Paul Philippot,
President European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

29.09 Saturday PRIX ITALIA Capri

11:00-13:00, Grand Hotel Quisisana, Theatre
Workshop "Societing 4.0" in cooperation with UPA and Rai Pubblicità
Moderator: Barbara Carfagna, Rai Journalist
Speakers: Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, President UPA; Bernard Cova, Marketing Professor Kedge Business School Marseille, Visiting Professor Bocconi Milan
Marketing has become societing as companies act in society and not just in the market, in a responsible manner, and because their commercial communications send out socially useful values.
Presentation of Societing 4.0 research
Alex Giordano, Marketing Communications and Advertising Professor Federico II University - Naples, Co-author of Societing Reloaded - digital etnography expert (netnografia)