Milan, reporting from three different angles

Università degli Studi di Milano
"Walter Tobagi" Journalism School

Openness, knowledge and creativity
in an ever-changing city


Openness, knowledge and creativity are the three sides to a Milan that is growing and changing in order to deal with the difficulties of today and take up the challenges of tomorrow. The opening of its doors to the thousands of migrants arriving in the city to start a new life or continue their journey on towards other countries. The knowledge of its universities that are expanding to make themselves attractive on a global stage.  Then there is the creativity of design and architecture, which has so successfully transformed Milan in recent years. Our guide as we explore and report will be one girl who fittingly mirrors all three facets of the city. Siham Barrakat arrived in Italy from Morocco at a very young age, graduated from Milan’s “Statale” University and today is an interpreter providing assistance to those who, like herself ten years ago, find themselves living in a city they know nothing about. The skyscrapers, fashion, people, design, opportunities: all, or nearly all, of these she has made her own. Milan has become her city. And now it is left to her to speak about the contradictions of today and its craving for the future. 

The project was conceived and produced by Valerio Berra, Valentina Danesi, Marta Facchini, Giovanna Pavesi, Giulia Virzì.

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