The Prix Italia Master Classes

15 gennaio 2021 ore 13:13

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The Prix Italia Master Classes

Back to the Future, Learning from the Best

In collaboration with Rai Academy  


In this third Prix Italia Master Class, we meet the authors of “Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag”, a ground breaking undercover documentary, investigating into the large-scale detention of ethnic minority citizens in the western Xinjiang region, operated by the government of China. 
Edited and broadcasted in two versions, a first one with ITV (UK) and a second one with PBS (USA), both produced by Hardcash Productions (UK), this amazing film has been among the ten most viewed documentaries on PBS FRONTLINE in 2020.. In addition to the two awards received at the Prix Italia, the film was also successful at BAFTA and at the Emmy Awards. 
The Prix Italia Master Classes provide a unique experience, including video clips and excerpts from the production, offering crucial insights on how some of the Prix Italia 2020 Award winners have been produced, from editorial decision making to details on production methods. 


If you would like to participate in the Q&A sessions with the authors and producers, we invite you to register for the live online event:

Investigative Journalism and Undercover Reporting 

Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag,
Hardcash/ITV (UK) and PBS (USA)
Prix Italia 2020
TV Documentary Award and SIGNIS Special Prize

March 4, 2021 - 10:00-11:30 CET

The Chinese government is holding an estimated million or more Muslims in detention camps without trial. It is the largest incarceration of an ethnic group since WW2. Twelve million other Muslims are living outside in an open prison, part of a human laboratory where Chinese technology companies have created the world’s most invasive surveillance state. ITV Exposure goes undercover into China’s secretive Xinjiang region to investigate. The filmmakers record honest and critical voices, talking about one of the world’s worst human rights abuses. They film a meeting with executives at a key tech company, which is working with the Chinese government to build the mass surveillance system, revealing a new form of governance that is controlling citizens and being exported around the world, challenging human freedom and liberal democracy. 



Guest Speakers:


Robin Barnwell
is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He was educated in the UK at Trinity College, Cambridge. Robin has worked across the globe in some of the most hostile and challenging environments, covering conflicts and wars, exposing human rights abuses for PBS Frontline, the BBC, and the UK's Channel 4 and ITV channels. For over four years, he served as a diplomat, working on peace-building and political affairs with the United Nations missions in Afghanistan and Sudan. Documentaries that he has directed, produced and filmed have won multiple awards and received numerous nominations, including a BAFTA and International Emmy. Robin was named 'Journalist of the Year' at the British Journalism Awards in 2019.





Gesbeen Mohammad 
is a producer with a track record of delivering hard-hitting major network investigations, such as the BAFTA and International Emmy-winning Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag (ITV) and character-led current affairs films, such as the Battle for Hong Kong (Channel 4 and FRONTLINE, PBS). With a background in investigations, particularly managing sensitive undercover filming both abroad and in the UK, she is interested in exposing wrongdoing and highlighting awareness on human rights abuses and its impact on the victims.


Master Class Editorial Development and Moderation:


Markus Nikel, International Advisor, RAI

Markus has a long standing international experience in the field of documentary and digital media. For the EBU, he has served various times as an Editorial Supervisor and Executive Producer of fac-tual coproductions. Markus has been moderating workshops in Europe and abroad, including mas-terclasses with Oscar winning Directors at GZDoc in Guangzhou, China’s biggest Documentary Festival, and professional sessions at the IPCM conference at NHK’s Japan Prize in Tokyo. He regularly conducts coproduction workshops with COPEAM in Rome and with ASBU in Tunis and has also worked with TAL in Latin America.

Irina Stoilova, Prix Italia Staff


You can also follow the Master Classes in live streaming on the Prix Italia web-site.

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