2020 Broadcasters and Programmes

22 maggio 2020 ore 15:45

Dear friends,

I am happy to announce that, upon expiry of the registration deadline, we received 250 entries from broadcasters all over the world.
It is an extraordinary number of programmes of great variety and unquestionable quality, reflecting both the vitality of the media landscape and the popularity of our competition.

But this year, such a high participation is also a sign of something more: in these difficult times, your commitment to participate and prepare your submissions, sometimes under very precarious conditions, is a gesture that honors and makes us proud.
The Prix Italia was created to gather the international community of broadcasters in the name of a shared ideal of quality of production and service: today more than ever we are in need of such a sense of community and a shared vision of hope. 

In a few days, after completing the necessary checks, we will publish the complete list of programmes in competition on this website. Shortly thereafter, we will be able to open our pre-evaluation online platform to more than 60 jurors from 25 countries who applied this year. 
In the meantime, thank you for choosing once again to participate in the Prix Italia, and a special warm welcome to all our new members. 

The Secretary General of the Prix Italia
Annalisa Bruchi


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