TV Performing Arts Shortlist

15 luglio 2020 ore 16:03
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Charlotte Perriand, Pioneer in the Art of Living

Architect and designer Charlotte Perriand ranks among the great creative figures of the Twentieth Century. Her revolutionary furniture designs have become contemporary icons. A free spirit with strong political convictions, she championed modernity and the art of inhabiting. This documentary explores Perriand's development from her own perspective, from the 1930s, when she made common cause with Le Corbusier and avant-garde art, to her discovery of Japan.



Dancing Free

Their names are Sylvie, Lili, Sophia, Annie and Malika… They have never danced and are incarcerated in Marseille, in district of a long sentences. For 4 months, twice a week, they will follow the workshop of the famous choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and this film tells the story of this crazy project, deeply distressing, daring, to train to dance prisoners who will perform "outside the walls" on a large prestigious stage, the Black Pavilion in Aix and Montpellier at the International Dance Festival. Another look at prison, the confinement of bodies and the process of creation.



Renoir and the Girl with a Blue Ribbon

Renoir and the Girl with a Blue Ribbon, tells the story of a masterpiece by Auguste Renoir, unanimously recognised throughout the world. Its tortured journey, its fate, is intimately linked to that of his model, Irène Cahen d'Anvers. A fate sadly connected to the darkest hours of Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Even today, the exhibition of "Girl with a Blue Ribbon", owned by a Swiss Foundation, The Emil G. Bührle Collection, creates a bit of a stir. His former collector was Emil G. Bührle, a controversial man, arms dealer, in particular for the German army during WW2, the Wehrmacht. Yet Auguste Renoir is a highly renowned painter, present in our collective memory, so what is the story behind this artwork that is currently known the world over? What has the "Girl with a Blue Ribbon" witnessed?



Helmut Newton - The Bad and the Beautiful

He was a grand master of photography. On the occasion of Helmut Newton's 100th birthday, those who share his life story tell his life story: women. His oeuvre was the staging of female bodies - his attitude to it is not without controversy. In the 1970s, it was photographer Helmut Newton who, as an avant-garde, also initiated a new era. How did Newton influence the view of the female body? In addition to the photographer himself only women have their say - such as Charlotte Rampling, Grace Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Marianne Faithful, Claudia Schiffer, Nadja Auermann or Anna Wintour. The film traces its life with its protagonists through the different phases of its extraordinary, sometimes dramatic life and work: a differentiated picture of the exceptional photographer and person Helmut Newton.



The Animated Story of Jenny Lind

Step into an animated era with a sensational music story. As a teenager Jenny Lind became an international opera icon. Adored by Chopin, best friend with Victoria the Queen of England, Clara Schumann, and in a close relationship with the composer Felix Mendelssohn, the young singer made Opera popular all over the world. A production filled with original costumes and props as well as playful presentation of dramatic personalities and racy opera. To put a smile on both the connoisseur and the musically curious. With prize-winning soprano Malin Byström and Evan Rogister conducting The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Featuring young talent Annie Ternström and Baritone Thomas Hampson as the narrator. Animation by Jessica Laurén.




The critically acclaimed production created by award-winning choreographer Crystal Pite and playwright Jonathon Young, based on The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol. Revising a comic plot that blends contemporary theatre and dance, the creators approached the text as a "matrix for voice and body", with their cast of dancers lip-synching to a soundtrack recorded by some of Canada's finest voice actors. The creators' quest: "to locate and portray a glimpse of the soul within this most unlikely frame: a well-worn farce about corruption and deceit" exploring conflict, comedy and corruption in the potent relationship between language and the body. Revisor reunites the creators of Betroffenheit (winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production 2017) with award-winning director (including the Rose d'Or - Arts), Jeff Tudor



Grayson's Art Club

Isolation can be a difficult and lonely time for many. We want you to be part of Grayson's Art Club, as we ask for the amazing British public to send in the artwork you have been creating in isolation. Whether you have a talent for meme creation, sculpture, painting, drawing, or maybe you're a make-up artist creating new looks whilst at home? Anything goes. Each episode Grayson will choose some of his favourite artworks submitted by members of the public and speak to them via video call. Grayson wants viewers to feel energised to get involved and produce visual representations of what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing in isolation.



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