Radio Drama Shortlist

15 luglio 2020 ore 12:56
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Woyzeck is one of the most influential and, in this sense, most important dramas in German-language literature. Georg Büchner began to write Woyzeck in 1836, at the same time as his comedy, or shall we better say his political satire Leonce and Lena, but his Woyzeck remained a fragment, because Büchner died in 1837 at the age of only 23. Woyzeck is a social drama. Franz Woyzeck is a simple soldier who is physically and psychologically exploited and humiliated by his environment. His captain tortures Woyzeck with moral accusations, Marie, his lover, cheats on him with a drum major, the leader of a marching band, and Franz Woyzeck is abused by a doctor as a medical experiment subject. Also because Büchner's drama was so radical in content, it was not brought to the stage until the 20th century.



Three Lives of Dmitri Shostakovich/ First Life: Muddle instead of Music

In the first part of the series, taking place at the start of the Stalinist Terror, we witness the composer's fall after a harsh rejection of his Lady Macbeth in the Mtsensk District. The opera had been hugely successful around the world in the previous two years until Stalin came to see it in January 1936. He left the performance before the end and the Pravda newspaper published a denouncing article headlined Muddle instead of Music. Absurd accusation of formalism means the whole Soviet music society turns its back on Shostakovich. Feeling helpless and worrying about the destiny of his other music works and faced with the growing political pressure, the composer is now also worried for the safety of his family and for his life.



Per No More (3/6): Per in the Sky

My father was a baby boomer. His generation came of age in the early 70s and demanded a revolution. I always heard he had an incredible life, traveling to the four corners of the Earth, working in import-export, with a sideline in drugs trafficking. I grew up with all these wonderful stories and none of the experiences. Per was reported missing when I was six. His death has never been explained. Shortly after my son was born, I went looking for him. What I found out was more extraordinary than anything I could have dreamed up. It's all true. So I made it a work of fiction. Per No More (3/6): Per in the Sky. Martina, another of Per's old friends, bursts into my life. They shared a house for over a year in Kathmandu in the late 70s. Their illicit activities were more significant than I thought.



Life and Death of Yuanli

Song returns home and discovers the inanimate body of her roommate Yuanli on the ground. Yuanli has just been murdered. Song immediately contacts Franck, a police officer from the local police station, with whom she has an affair. Arrived there, Franck must resign to call his colleagues in the criminal police and thus reveals the nature of his relationship with Song. The programme traces the history of this relationship at the same time as that of the investigation into Yuanli's death. The story of a sex worker and a police officer, the story of a murdered woman and her murderer. And between these crossed destinies, the history of the Belleville district, its bubbling and harshness, its underground networks, the history of all those who live there, meet and stare at each other.



The End of Iflingen

Judgement Day: Armed with a flaming sword, the Archangel Michael stands at the edge of the pious village of Iflingen, whose inhabitants he is ready to "slaughter into ashes". At his side is the Assistant Angel, Ludwig, who, to Michael's chagrin, has brought a trumpet instead of a sword. What's more, the despondent Ludwig not only has no clue what the mission is, he also doubts about God's plan. Thus, the Archangel Michael sets off to transform his godly instructions into deeds even more energetically. Instead of human inhabitants, however, the angels encounter a workaholic hedgehog, an idealistic swift and an extremely masochistic pig. In Lotz's parable, a vision of biblical end times meets animal fables, dystopia meets farce, the holy meets the all too human and the grotesque meets melancholy.



Pension Idzerda

The series was created in 2019 in honour of the centennial of Dutch radio. On 6th November 1919, the Radio Pioneer Hanso Henricus Schotanus à Steringa Idzerda made his first radio broadcast of the series, as it was announced in the newspaper, from the studio at his home in The Hague.



Magnitsky The Musical

Johnny Flynn and Robert Hudson bring us a musical based on the incredible story of an American venture capitalist, a Russian tax advisor, a crazy heist, the Trump Tower meeting and the very rule of law. Blending music and satire, the story explores the truths and fictions surrounding the origins and aftershocks of the Magnitsky Act; global legislation which allows governments to sanction those who they see as offenders of human rights. It tells the story of a tax adviser's struggle to uncover a huge tax fraud, his imprisonment by the very authorities he is investigating, and the American financier's crusade for justice. Johnny Flynn, Paul Chahidi and members of the cast perform songs in an epic story that explores democracy, corruption, and how we undervalue the law at our peril.



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