Trajan's Markets

Trajan's Markets, a window on the Imperial Fora



What is the place that tells the history of Imperial Rome best? The Markets of Emperor Trajan. This is the location that Rai chose for the 71st Prix Italia. This 'neighborhood' has witnessed the city's evolution from the Imperial Age to the modern era. Its museum has been constantly transformed and reused: from strategic administrative centre serving the Imperial Fora, to aristocratic residence, to military fortress, to prestigious site for a monastery, to barracks... 

In its everchanging life, proved by the architectural transformations and the marks left by the different 'hands' that have adapted these buildings to various purposes, this heritage place has arrived to us and it's ready to go through a new 'season' of its life.

Our international guests will be immersed in the heart of Imperial Rome and in the history that made this city eternal. 

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