Project Manager: Marianne Furevold-Boland – Content Author: Julie Andem

Shame is a webdrama series that runs daily on http://skam.p3.no and weekly as a webcast.We track Noora, Eva, Sana,Vilde and Chris through their first years of high school(upper secondary school).There are many expectations of the high school years. Hooking up with the hottest boys, finding the coolest girls to hang out with, while all the time dealing with demands concerning school, your body, your friends and your family - stories that young people oftoday can relate to.Stories take place in“real time” and are published“live” throughout the week through screenshots of chat conversations between characters, images from Instagram and live action drama scenes. This footage is then compiled to a full episode, which is published on NRK’s on-demand service on Fridays.All the main characters have their own social media profile.

Conceived primarily for the web, and using innovative ways of distribution and interaction with a young audience, this series is especially well written, acted and directed. This drama smartly addresses important issues for teenagers such as love, identity, sexuality, integration, and has become a global phenomenon for young audiences. “Shame” is a model of a public service programme in the 21st century.

The Jury:
Silvain Gire (ARTE Radio/ARTE France, France), Laura Pertici (Elemedia SpA, Italy), Ikuo Kitsuwa (NHK, Japan), Magne Hansen (NRK, Norway), Michael Broennimann (SRG SSR, Switzerland)

The President:
Silvain Gire (ARTE Radio/ARTE France, France)