Direction: Wojciech Kasperski - Script: Wojciech Kasperski - Music: Antoni Komasa Lazarkiewicz - Photography: Lukasz Zal - Sound: Aleksandra Pajak - Editing: Tymoteusz Wiskirski - Producing organisation: TVP - Coproducing organisation: Delta Film - Year of production: 2016

Within the walls of a Russian psychiatric hospital, we meet the staff and patients who are set to spend the rest of their days locked in there. “Central” is one of largest hospitals in Siberia with the harshest conditions. Built as a prison and for over a hundred years the destiny for political prisoners, the isolated building today houses the incurably ill. Hundreds of patients are looked after by just five ageing psychiatrists and the entire nearby village. This is the story of a closed community ruled by doctors from another era and patients seeking their place in a world they do not understand.

Where is the human soul? Is it in the heart? In the brain? This is the story of a psychiatric hospital which seems a dreadful place without any humanity. Getting to know closer the patients, the staff, the doctor, we get into this new inner world. Little by little we start to see them not like mental disorder patients, but people that give universal messages about freedom and humanity. This is the big value of this documentary, directed with brilliant camera, sound and music and characters that we will remember.

The Jury:
Mladen Capin (HRT, Croatia), Caroline Behar (FRANCE 5, France), Carlos Maio (RTP, Portugal), Ondrej Starinsky (RTVS, Slovakia), Metka Dedakovic (RTVSLO, Slovenia).

The President:
Caroline Behar (FRANCE 5, France)

Video: TV DOCUMENTARY WINNER - ICON (TVP, Poland) - Prix Italia ENG -