Direction: Samuel Hirsch, Sabine Zovighian - Production: Sara Monimart, Chloé Assous-Plunian, Silvain Gire - Script: François Pérache, Sabine Zovighian - Music: Samuel Hirsch - Sound: Samuel Hirsch - Actors: François Pérache, Sylvie Thénault, Valentine Joubin, Médine, Stéphanie Daniel, Marc Barbé, Franck Chevallay, Patrick Pesnot, Jacques Bonnaffé, Antoine Sastre, Jean-Christophe Freche, M. S. Ferdane - Title of series: Guns in the Family - Producing organisation: ARTE Radio - Year of production: 2016

2nd October 1961, as the Algerian War rages, Police Officer Georges Pérache is shot dead in Paris by the Algerian National Liberation Front (FNL). On 17th October, Paris police repress a peaceful march, killing nearly 200 Algerians, some of whom are thrown in the River Seine. On 13th November 2015, François Pérache, the grandson of the assassinated officer, decides to eat noodles on the night of the Paris terrorists attacks…

Submitted episodes:

1/6 Blood on the Streets – 9’

2/6 Talk with the Beep – 14’

5/6 On the Grapevine – 14’

6/6 The Long and Short of History – 17’

The jury unanimously gives The Prix Italia in the category of Radio Drama to “De guerre en fils”, “Guns in the Family” produced by ARTE Radio/ARTE France. The story starts with the terrorist attack in Paris in 2015. This is the exposition for two narratives lines - wider one geopolitical relation between France and Algeria back in the early 1960's and more intimate line about the narrator who tries to figure out the historical episode of his grandfather who was working for the government as a police officer. The original title “De guerre en fils” emphasizes that the influence of the past continues. The jury was impressed by the high quality of the overall production: the narration, the dramaturgy with many layers, the sound design, the translation of the story into the radiophonic language and the rhythm which captivates the listener from the beginning to the very end. The production is very up to date, suitable also for a younger audience and the final quality is that it works for both web and broadcast.

The Jury:
Sylvie Julien (CBC/SRC, Canada), Kaj Farm (YLE, Finland), Barbara Gerland (ARD, Germany), Gustavo Pacifico (RAI, Italy), Klemen Markovcic (RTVSLO, Slovenia)

The President:
Sylvie Julien (CBC/SRC, Canada)

Video: RADIO DRAMA WINNER - GUNS IN THE FAMILY (ARTE Radio/ARTE France, France) - Prix Italia ENG -