Ellen (Channel Four, United Kingdom)

The Jury:

Milan Kruml (CTV, Czech Rep.), Piv Bernth (DR, Denmark), Jarmo Lampela (YLE, Finland), David Crean (RTÉ, Ireland), Marina Blok (NPO, Netherlands), Alessandro Capicchioni (SMRTV, San Marino Rep.), Nebojsa Bradic (SBC/RTS, Serbia), Goran Danasten (SVT, Sweden), Tommy Bulfin (BBC, United Kingdom)

The President:

Nebojsa Bradic (SBC/RTS, Serbia)




ELLEN (CH4 – Channel Four Television, United Kingdom)

Direction: Mahalia Belo - Script: Sarah Quintrell - Producing organisation: Touchpaper Prods - Year of production: 2016



Jessica Barden captivating defiant performance as Ellen, a teenager in a life without hope, highlights a drama that is harrowing to watch. From a debutante director Mahalia Belo, and script by Sarah Quintrell, this original drama tells a social truth that profoundly affects us all.

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