TV FICTION WINNER - ELLEN (Channel Four, United Kingdom)

Direction: Mahalia Belo - Script: Sarah Quintrell - Producing organisation: Touchpaper Prods - Year of production: 2016

Ellen is a powerful, prescient story of a tough teenager trying to take control of her chaotic life. The 90-minute film is a poignant and vital portrayal of 14-year-old Ellen (Jessica Barden –The Lobster, Tamara Drew, Penny Dreadful) forced to grow up too quickly. Developed as part of Channel 4’s commitment to new talent, it marks the exciting debut of breakthrough UK female talent: Writer Sarah Quintrell and Director Mahalia Belo.

Jessica Barden captivating defiant performance as Ellen, a teenager in a life without hope, highlights a drama that is harrowing to watch. From a debutante director Mahalia Belo, and script by Sarah Quintrell, this original drama tells a social truth that profoundly affects us all.

The Jury:
Milan Kruml (CTV, Czech Rep.), Piv Bernth (DR, Denmark), Jarmo Lampela (YLE, Finland), David Crean (RTÉ, Ireland), Marina Blok (NPO, Netherlands), Alessandro Capicchioni (SMRTV, San Marino Rep.), Nebojsa Bradic (SBC/RTS, Serbia), Goran Danasten (SVT, Sweden), Tommy Bulfin (BBC, United Kingdom)

The President:
Nebojsa Bradic (SBC/RTS, Serbia)

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