A Large Stone (SBC/RTS, Serbia)

The Jury:

Adrian Korol (RTA-RAE, Argentina), Adriana Kramaric (HRT, Croatia), Josef Trestik (CZCR, Czech Republic), Bruno Berenguer (Radio France, France), Olga Buckley (RTÉ, Ireland), Joanna Grotkowska (PR, Poland), Michael Schuler (SRG SSR, Switzerland), Martin Smith (BBC, United Kingdom).

The President:

Adrian Korol (RTA-RAE, Argentina)




Direction: Ivana Stefanović - Production: Vesna Perić - Music: Ivana Stefanović - Sound: Zoran Uzelac - Actors: Ana Sofrenović, Slobodan Beštić, Predrag D. Stamenković, Aleksandra Rajić Žikić, Lidija Antonović, Saša Dobrohotov, Nataša Vujnović - Producing organisation: Radio Belgrade 2, Drama Department, Sound Workshop - Year of production: 2017



We would like to award the prize to the Serbian entry, “A Large Stone”. We would also like to say thank you for the excellent English translation which was supplied. The programme was ambitious, taking on a serious and contemporary subject. The text was beautifully written for the radio medium, and skilfully performed. The music was an intrinsic part of the whole. At one point in the programme the text says “all I want is for you to listen”. We listened, and felt the resonance of the programme in ourselves. In the final discussion, what united the jury was our desire to reward the creative and innovative endeavour of the artist in radio.

Video: A Large Stone (SBC/RTS, Serbia) - Prix Italia ENG -