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La Realtà Riarrangiata di Tommy Ingberg

  • Andato in onda:11/09/2017
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      For me, surrealism is about trying to explain something abstract like a feeling or a thought, expressing the subconscious with a picture. The Reality Rearranged series is my first try at describing reality trough surrealism. During the two and a half years I have worked on the series I have used my own inner life, thoughts and feelings as seeds to my pictures. In that sense the work is very personal, almost like a visual diary.

      T. I.

      Nato negli anni ’80 in Svezia, Tommy Ingberg lavora oggi a Nykoping, un paese vicino Stoccolma. Il suo lavoro è apprezzato in tutto il mondo ed è stato premiato con gli International Photography Awards e i Sony World Photography Awards

      Tuttavia il sogno di Tommy resta quello di poter creare immagini per un’associazione no-profit.